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Beach Party Bling


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Since this is a set, I couldn't decide whether to put it in purses or jewelry, and then reached the conclusion they are truly both accessories of a sort, so this is where it wound up, :lol.

I was experimenting with doing a different type of gusset, that allowed the bottom of the bag to be able to expand without detracting from or stretching the top. The yarn is one I have had for a long time but can't recall it's maker or name. It comes on a tube (like thread) and is pre beaded (seed size) on black yarn and a turquoise color metallic fiber.

The trim beads on bracelet are green and blue and reflect like an aura borealis. The necklace is trimmed with a gold textured bead in the center and a teardrop crystal hanging bead. Again true colors just don't show well in pics.

The bag is (when flattened) 5" tall by 7 14" wide (not counting handle) with a saw tooth edging along the top.

The necklace is 18" long from back of neck to tip of crystal bead. The bracelet is 7 1/2" around wrist with 2" of hanging beads. No matter what I tried I could not capture the true colors. They yarn is a deep black with the brilliant turquoise metallic thread, and the tiny beads are a metallic rose and metallic turquoise. I could only get the beads to show up if I made the pic dark, and when lightened to show the thread, the yarn didn't show the rich black that the yarn is. The single shot of the bag was to show the gusset shape (like a teardrop) that is only on the bottom half of the bag.




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It is just gorgeous! Great yarn! I have never seen pre-beaded yarn. I would love to "play" with some of that!!! It sure makes beautiful accessories!!

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