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  1. These are some good ideas. I am definitely going to look into getting something to help with the pain.
  2. Just thought I would stop in and wish everyone a good Monday Been insanely busy the past few days. I am happy that I have at least started my brother's scarf and have gotten some time to work on it today. Plus I am getting ready to start another SBT too but at least this one is being made for a purpose lol. My good friend's birthday is July 1st so I am going to make her a tote. I have to say that I have been strugling with sweaty hands at times (it happens when it's 106 out) and that has been making it difficult to crochet. Have a great week guys!
  3. I'm going have to try it with something else now, maybe as a reward for after I begin my scarf. And yea, 111 is pretty hot but honestly it doesn't really faze me anymore. Although sometimes when my house gets warmer it gets difficult to want to crochet lol
  4. Yup those are the colors I used Prayers are being sent her way Oh and I can't wait to see the pictures of the scarf. Hope everyone is having a good Monday. My weekend was good. On Saturday I got the yarn I needed and it was on sale at Joann's. I didn't end y up with any extra yarn (which was incredibly difficult with all the sales) but I did get a clover hook to try becaus it was half off. Haven't actually started the scarf yet but I did try out the pattern. It is going up to 111 degrees today so I am glad that I am in an air conditioned house most of the day watching my ni
  5. Sounds like everyone has had a good day so far I finished my second STB and am about to go to joanns to finally get the yarn I need to start my project. Hopefully I can go in, get only the yarn I need and get out without buying anything else... we shall see how that actually ends up going. Oh and here's a picture of STB 2 (not the best quality picture but you get the point):
  6. Love it! Will have to try it out sometime before the holidays to use in gifts
  7. Thanks for voting for Emily:cheer If you do make it with different handles, let us know how it turns out! I hope everyone has a great weekend. My goal for the day is to go to joanns and get yarn for the scarf I need to make. Now lets see if that actually happens.
  8. I love that tote! It looks awesome
  9. Thanks I use crochet as my therapy and I'm glad I finally joined the world of posting here too!
  10. Just dropping by to say that I hope that everyone is having a good day. I have decided that on Saturday I will definitely start the scarf I need to make. I think once I get it actually started I will be fine, but it's so hard to do something other than a sbt right now Melanie - I wish that it was rainy right about now, I like in Phoenix so I get to deal with extreme heat. Although today it is only 102 degrees.
  11. Today I am at my sister's all day watching my niece (I am her nanny), so I have only crocheted on my sister's couch lol. But I often crochet in cars, on the lightrail, in doctors offices... pretty much anywhere.
  12. I always have to listen to music when I crochet. Although, currently I am making a SBT and when I am working on it, I usually have the tv on in the background.
  13. Thanks guys Tonya - That is really exciting. I am sure that everything will come together and that you will do a great job! Mona - Glad I'm not the only one who is thinking about other colors for totes that I don't have time to make. I figure that I should probably tell you guys a little about me because I really would love to become active on this thread and on the forum in general. I am a 20 year old college student at ASU. Currently I am nannying for my niece who is 10 months old. Right now my sister is away on a business trip for 2 days and my brother-in-law works from 8-5. So
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