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    Crocheting, knitting, cake decorating, hand-made ball ornaments, reading.
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    Decades! (Learned from Mom & Grandma.)
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    Afghans (NICU donations & for gifts)
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  1. Wow! That is really neat! Love the cheery colors, too!
  2. I love your wedding ghan!!!! It came out just beautiful. Congratulations on your son and daughter-in-law's marriage, your move, and how awesome to be on a family trip!
  3. Hi!... Such pretty patterns! I would love to purchase this if it's still available. I will send you a PM! Thanks!
  4. I had to just post a special thank you to a very special person here on the Ville, who thanked me for something I did. Just look at these adorable friends! Thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful!
  5. Super cute!!! The lining is really pretty, too! Great job!
  6. Okay, I just saw this and I am absolutely speechless! It is STUNNING! Absolutely amazing.
  7. Sooo pretty! I love the color, too!
  8. Wow! They are BEAUTIFUL!
  9. Hi raelynne! I got your PM and will send your box out tomorrow.
  10. Hi! How generous of you! ... If it's still available, I would love to make the Christmas wreath project for a close friend. Please let me know when you have a moment and I'll PM you my contact info (that is, if it's available for me). Thank you!
  11. Hi raelynne! I just saw your post here. I have committed my box of scrap yarn to someone else. HOWEVER, please send me a PM with your mailing address. I will be happy to put together a box for you, too.
  12. Good Morning! I am posting this to see if there is any interest in my left-over yarn. I have a small box (dimensions: 12"x15"x5") of worsted and some sport weight yarn. Much of it is approximate 1/2 skeins. I smushed in as much yarn as I could fit. Anyway, it's free and I will pay the post office shipping fees within the US. If interested, please send me a PM with your address. I will send it to the first person to respond. Thank you very much!
  13. How precious! Having been a country girl for 12 years, I find these especially adorable! ... I also love the turtle!
  14. Hi! Just wanted to add to all of the congratulation wishes! What a lovely bag and another very special gal to receive it. Enjoy!!!!!
  15. Hi! Are these still available? I will also send you a PM. Thank you!