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    Crocheting, knitting, cake decorating, hand-made ball ornaments, reading.
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    Afghans (NICU donations & for gifts)
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    Decades! (Learned from Mom & Grandma.)

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  1. Hi! These are beautiful!... Is this your design? If so, is it a pattern available for purchase? (My family would love these!)
  2. This froggy totally makes me smile!!! Love him!
  3. Oh my gosh, these are super adorable!!!!
  4. Hello! I’ve been away from the Ville for a while & just came back. I had a couple “old” notifications (that I didn’t receive via e-mail), so I wanted to say thanks again for all of the lovely comments! FYI, I still use this afghan, almost on a daily basis. It’s held up very well over the years. It’s very sentimental to me. Wishing you all well!!! (((Hugs)))
  5. Hi!... I’ve not done much crocheting these past few years (been knitting). I just saw this gorgeous pattern! I went over to Ravelry and saw your others. Very nice! Definitely feeling the desire to get back to some crocheting!
  6. Hi! Welcome! We have some of the same hobbies! Right now I’m knitting a beaded shawl, re-reading Jamie Langston Turner’s “Winter Birds” (she’s my favorite author), and, in between, trying to get some exercise in.
  7. Hi Mary Jo! How precious - LOVE him! He’ll sure be a comfort to those precious kids! (((Hugs)))
  8. Hey there! I'm a Gemini, too!... I sometimes do multiple projects. Sometimes I feel obligated to squeeze in a project while I'm working on something else (i.e., a gift for someone). Sometimes I'm just excited to try a new technique or yarn.
  9. I saw this in Mary Maxim and just adored it! Your's came out just lovely!
  10. Thank you everyone! Ya'll made me smile today!
  11. Hi All ~ I purchased this pattern from Ravelry (UserName: SmoothFox). It's called "Stained Glass Round Ripple". I used Bernat Super Saver yarn. The pattern was very easy to follow and it was a lot of fun. As you can see from my queen-size bed it is nice and big. Usually the things I make are gifts or donations, with a story to share. However, I have kept this one for myself. Thank you for looking!
  12. Hi sarisue ~ First, I just wanted to say that I hope you were not "inviting" criticism by your statement above . (Maybe I read that wrong.) Second, you can be very proud of your pattern! It is lovely. I made two of them last year as gifts. I can only imagine how you feel. It's one thing to change someone's pattern. It is unkind to criticize your work as a comparison. If it has something to do with this site, maybe you should consider contacting the moderators. I believe they would be able to help you resolve this the best way possible. Wishing you a peaceful resolution. I'm sorry this
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