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  1. Thanks for the link, I know alot of guys who would appreciate this....
  2. Never more than 3, but always one Main project, one small "get-away" project, and one in the planning or designing stage. There may be one or two others in a bag waiting for more yarn to come in when I run out of a type or color needed, can't just sit around with nothing to do until it comes, .
  3. quilt, sew, knit, scrapbooking, woodworking, painting, doll collecting and repair, embroidery, needlepoint, plastic canvas, beadwork, reupholstery. rug hooking. Haven't done some of it in a year or so. But when the need arises I can and will. Crochet is my main thing as it doesn't require alot of tools and it is portable. Sewing to make purse/tote linings and make items for the home (curtains, pillows, quilts) and also clothes for the dolls. The beadwork was an addition for crochet to fancy things up, . Embroidery to fancy up the sewing. One thing leads to another.... Once you have the cre
  4. Congrats Katy, both on the great pattern and on the publication in the calendar. Well deserved recognition!!!
  5. Beautiful outfits...I too love the circle jacket... Just got to see your bride outfit today. You make such great clothes for these special dolls.
  6. It can happen... I had the problem with RH Super Saver. All the other Red Heart yarns never bothered me, just that type. I believe It was fixed by Red Heart, because I tried it once more about a year ago and all was OK. So let Caron know if it happens again. They get enough notices and they will investigate and attempt to fix the problem.
  7. I can see the work you put into this beauty, but it must be well worth the effort when you wind up with a blanky this pretty... There are several ones I have done and swore I wouldn't do it again, so I can relate to that feeling.
  8. "Just because my lips aren't moving, doesn't mean I'm not counting." Think I read this one here on the ville ???
  9. Don't we have any UK members who can give us a version of what they think? I sure wish I knew what pattern it was and where it came from (book, internet or what?). I searched on the internet through some UK web sites and they said that the U.S. sl st was the same as the U.K. sl st. No wonder newbies get confused, if us old timers can't get it straight.
  10. I tend to agree with Heart, The UK term for slip stitch is exactly the same for US. If they process a sc the way we do a double. Then to them a half single crochet has to be a half double crochet. No where does the UK terminology mention a half double, so it stands to reason it is why we don't recognize the term half single.
  11. I think alot has to do with the price of the pattern as well as the cost of the fiber to make it. The price could be that much and maybe even more if it is something I really feel I have to make, but if the cost of supplies bring it to a prohibitive amount, and I can't find a substitute fiber at a cheaper price, I have to deny myself the luxury. I try comparing the total cost of making it to the cost of purchasing it ready made, then I can sometimes justify how much I am paying. I also may put it on a little wish list, and check out Annie's clearance section, where I often pick up some grea
  12. Grandma taught me when I was 7 years old with a white hankie (no tissues) size 14 steel hook and a spool of thread. I still have those hooks, with a few of the hankies.
  13. Dear Darski, you never fail to amaze me... What a great idea, and one I am going to try with my big baby... Thanks so much!!!!
  14. I have had big red hives on fore arms when working with RHSS. So did dd, she says it is OK now, and that it must have been a problem with chemicals used to process the yarn, but other than small things, I still can't use it.
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