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  1. Wow, a new trick, thanks for the link and I will definitely try it for my next joining.
  2. Wow, you are a real Pillow Pro. These are so sweet!!!
  3. Very nice and a great addition to the Crochetville growth chart....
  4. Same here, but if you want a neater join, you should try the russian join
  5. I believe all craft is an art in it's own right. Just like furniture, clothing and any other creation can be and often is considered art. If you look up the definition of art, it is the creation of or works of beauty and thought provoking items beyond the ordinary. Craft is defined as the ability to create both decorative and also practical items by hand. They both involve creativity only art takes it beyond the everyday. A blouse is a blouse but haute couture is high sewing or high fashion considered an art. It is a fine line, but like the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
  6. The closest LYS is small, dedicated mostly to knitting and I don't feel welcome. I get such a warm feeling when browsing the aisles at AC Moore or Michael's and wind up chatting with another needlework person who is also browsing. We ask each other questions and gab about our projects. As for being cheap, that isn't me. Once I get into the yarn section, the budget is shot even before I touch the yarn. I think the fact that most of us do alot of charity work we are more frugal in the yarn we buy as we deal in quantity and use a lot of scraps.
  7. Price hasn't stopped me, although I have a strict budget, if the item "talks" to me and is something unique that I really want to purchase, I will do so. Having been crocheting for many, many years (before on line patterns) I do have a large pattern collection that I refer to regularly. I find lately that I tend to purchase patterns that are older or reprinted books of some of the old designs I do not have. I do purchase mainly mags and books that have many patterns in various textiles and categories as I do work in thread as well as different weights of yarn. I wish there was more availab
  8. You can do a striped/bar effect with the ripple. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=striped+ripple+crocheted+afghan&qpvt=striped+ripple+crocheted+afghan&FORM=IGRE Here are some pics of how they could look. Enter striped ripple crocheted afghans into your search bar, there are loads of links for patterns...
  9. Absolutely right, the pic you posted was the end of a spiral. Working in rounds requires that you join the last stitch to the first (usually with a slip stitch) on every row, even the last one.
  10. http://www.ehow.com/how_8136832_make-clerical-stole.html This is one I found that may help you....
  11. Will you be doing a variety of colors overall or have one main color that alternates with other colors? Also what stitch are you planning on doing? If all different colors I would do a few rows of each for a striped affect. If using one main with other colors I would do about 10 rows of a color 3 of the main then 5 of another color, 3 of the main and then back to the 10 rows again. A broad stripe, narrow stripe, medium stripe, narrow and the broad again repeating the sequence of rows and main color while changing the other colors It makes an attractive and bold statement....JMHO
  12. I used to do that too, but soon wound up with plastic bags full of "saltines" and "yo-yos" not forgetting to mention the bigger ones. Then had to buy a small tub to hold all the plastic bags, . So I have 5 tubs now, 3 with yarn (worsted, sport and novelty/fine) one for cotton thread and one for "whatevers" (all those baggies). .
  13. I used the reinforcement as a barrier between the edge of the visor and your forehead. The peak will naturally go down or up when it sits against your head because it wraps around the sides. I don't know what you used inside the crocheted peak, but before you close it in it needs to be at the same curve as your forehead is and not wider. I took a piece of paper and fitted it against the head until it did not dip up or down. (actually it was someone elses head, cause the cap was for them). I found that the further apart the two points on the sides were, the more it bent down. So I shorten
  14. Sooooo sweet...Hard to find things for 13" without making adjustments or creating your own.
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