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color splash handbag from interweave ??



has anyone made this?


i'm a wee bit confused on the last little bit of the bag. the casing part makes 0zero sense to me.


this is what's getting me all messed up:

the last row of the bag before the casing:

(31 sc worked along back top edge), sl st in beg sc, turn.


<<<<<which to me means, i have just completed 31 sc then joined and turned - now going back down the 31 sc i just did-right?>>>>>



row 1: (WS) working along top edge <<<<<which i'm fairly sure is the above 31sc>>>>>>>>, ch1, sc in first sc, {sc2tog, sc--------------OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, i see!!!!!!!!!!



okay, nevermind, skipped over that last sc when i read it the first 500 times!!!:oops


i hate that i've wasted all this time:bang


(and now yours! --- thanks for listening :hug )

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Oh my you know I thought I was the only 1 who could ever read something over and over and it finally will click after 10 times:oops good to know it's not just me:w-lol


Glad you got it:woohoo


Oh and I bet it's gorgeous I have that 1 on my list to make.

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