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Donut Pincushion


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Hi Everyone,

This was made out of necessity. I had to have a place to keep all my end weaving needles, my scissionrs, and stitch markers, so I found this pattern...I think I found it here on the ville can't remember :think...just made it a bit bigger by using a J hook and it is stuffed with yarn scraps. I even have a spot for my needle yarn threader...I left a small space of the "frosting" unattached so the I slide the round part underneath it and it holds perfectly.




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What a cutie of a doughnut... I love the way you made it the color..

I will have to make some this year and give them as gifts to office workers so they can keep them on their desks ...



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I love your donut! So cute! And those scissors look really nice! What kind are they?


I am not sure what kind they are but I got them at Joann's in the sewing department. I think they were only 3 or 4 dollars.

Thanks for the complements!

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