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    Taught myself to knit & crochet again in 2007, after years of not doing any. Have 6 adorable cats, all of which are rescue cats. Taught myself to spin in 2012, have many drop spindles & Ashford Traveller.
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    Knitting, Crochet, gardening, reading, spinning, cross stitch.
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    Community Staff nurse
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    Blankets, squares, toys, baby items, things for my cats.
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    Since the age of 10, then took it up again in March 2007
  1. I love everones RR's was thinking about making anotherone, as a suprise for a woman at work who is having a baby and maybe make a hat and booties set to go with it.
  2. I have decided to replace 1 can of Dr Pepper with 1 pint of water/squash a day. I have managed to drink today's pint and have some more already made up for tomorrow and the day after, will try and increase to 2 pints a day, but found it hard just drinking 1 pint. Will see if I lose any more weight this week.
  3. :cheerI lost 1.2 lbs this week, proberly cause I have been on a soft diet cause of mymouth ulcer Will block a square tomorrow
  4. Well done to everyone for the weight loss:cheer
  5. No weight loss this week, have been having some problems with my alergies and IBS, so a little bloated, but at least I havn't put any on. As it's slow going with my weight loss I have deceided that I will carry on knitting my squares and block and sew them together for each 1/2 lb lost, that way I might get my throw by this time next year:lol
  6. Very nice, you did a great job, love the colours you picked:manyheart
  7. I started ww today, and weighed myself and Iam 2lbs lighter than this time last year:cheer
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