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    Taught myself to knit & crochet again in 2007, after years of not doing any. Have 6 adorable cats, all of which are rescue cats. Taught myself to spin in 2012, have many drop spindles & Ashford Traveller.
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    Knitting, Crochet, gardening, reading, spinning, cross stitch.
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    Community Staff nurse
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    Blankets, squares, toys, baby items, things for my cats.
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    Since the age of 10, then took it up again in March 2007
  1. Not sure if I posted about my lovely package I received, I got some stitch markers with flammingos on, some plaid ribbon, a pink flower for my garden, 2 postcards, and 5 balls of lovely yarn, thanks to my swap partner Emma.
  2. Has just sent off my swap parcel, should take about a week to travel over the pond, enjoy!
  3. Sorry have been awol for a bit, have got a few things together for the swap, but a bit puzzeled what something plaid would be, or is it just me having a blonde day? Also here in the UK we dont really tend to have names for the colours of our yarn, well I havn't found any anyway, can I just buy some nice yarn and name it myself or would that be cheating a little?
  4. Have just signed up, sounds like a heap of fun!
  5. I have knitted a few more squares this week, have 83/90 made, so coming to the end of this big long term project. I went to Hobby Craft to get some yarn for my new long tern project, Iam going to make a blanket for my bed using the african flower hexagan pattern, I started to make a load of them and change my mind on the colour sequence and frogged them all giving me 22 partial balls, used up 3 knitting squares, and another 8 partial balls on the new blanket(+33). I bought 5 balls each of orange and pink and 4 balls of black (-28). Giving me a total of:- WTD = +5 YTD = +67
  6. Have been working on more scrap pet blankets and have complted 6 more knitted squares, rolled a few into smaller balls. This weeks total is WTD = +16 YTD = +78
  7. Sorry if Iam late posting, had to take my 6 month old kitten to the emergency vets. I have been making more scrap blankets for sick kitties cats, a lemon and white granny square and currently working on a white, shades of grey and blue hexagon blanket. WTD = +15 YTD = +62
  8. I have been knitting squares for my shaker style throw and started another scrap granny square blanket, I used up 15 parital balls this week. WTD= +15 YTD=+47
  9. So glad that you got it and love everything I sent, not sure if you can get the knitt pro range in the USA, but I have the deluxe set of the interchangable needles and I just love them, I have a few knitt pro crochet hooks as well. Oh and you will just love the chocolate, it's to die for! I have loved getting to know a fellow kitty cat lover and hope we can stay friends.
  10. I loved what you sent, it was all lovely, hope yours arrives soon.
  11. I think I have been getting my scores mixed up here lol, I have been posting negative scores instead of postitive, never mind have sorted it out now. Have been making scrappy pet blankets again and used up loads of partial and full balls(+15), I gifted 2 skeins of yarn (+4) and received 4 skeins in the fav colour swap from crsheridan (thanks)(-8), so totals should be WTD = +11 YTD = +32
  12. I would like to thank Crsheridan for my wonderful colour swap package which arrived this morning. Will post some pics later as at work at the moment. My fav colours were pinks and purples and I got:- Cat toys 4 Skeins of red heart supersaver in plumb pudding Some lovely fibre for me to spin A beautiful neck warmer in purple and a lovely card with a cat on it. Again thanks for everything I just love the colour of the yarn and will be spinning the fibre as soon as I have a couple of days off work. It was nice to get to know you and hope we can stay in touch.
  13. Sorry I forgot to post last week, WTD last week was -10 This week I bought 2 balls of orange to try and finish off my scrap rainbow rectangle granny, used up one ball I bought and another 8 partial balls. WTD = +2 YTD = -21 I may change this later, depends how much more I can get done on this granny rectangle.
  14. Not done alot of crafting this week due to working overtime. WTD = 0 YTD = 0 Hoping to get more done next week!
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