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BIG Yarn Shopping Trip


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I'm sooooo excited!! I got my first check from the pattern book I'm publishing. It got deposited today, SO I'm going on a BIG yarn shopping trip. :wooRight now. Woo Hoo! :cheer


I don't have ANY craft stores near me, so it's been a looonnnggggg time since I got to see the inside of Joann's or Hobby Lobby Stores. I always work in thread and beads when I crochet, but I've been dying to try out some of these novelty threads. I'm going to order it off of their sites. Joann.com has free shipping for orders over $30. I've got my list all made out. Here it is.


Paton's Allure Rose Quartz

Lion's White Velvetspun

Lion's White Festive Fun Fur

Lion's Sea Blue Watercolors

Paton's Sky and Lavender Grace

Lion's Landscapes Rose Garden

Lion's White Fancy Fur Wild!

Lion's Hot Pink Polarspun

Assort cotton threads

Big assortment of hooks since mine are getting worn out.


These are all going towards making another book. It will be ponchos with matching pants, skirts, etc. Some of these will be accents to some thread crochet outfits. Gotta go. Got to go shopping!!

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Well, I got the master set crochet needles, and L-P, so I'm set on those. I've always had lots of needles, but not the complete set with case. That was my big splurge on one item. I got all yarn mentioned above, but I got like 5 of ea, some more. I'm still drooling over Bernats Boa Yarn, but I can't figure out how to use it on clothing yet, without making it look too wild. Give me time. I will. I know they use that for scarves, but I want to keep away from making those patterns, because everyone else is. I might make myself a scarf, though, just for the fun of it. I'm thinking of putting the boa on a jacket for trim. hmmm. I still need to buy more beads and cotton crochet thread #10. Lots of it, too. I got Fun Fur Cotton Candy, Patons Grace Tangelo and Astra Black. I saw soooo much more I'm going to get later, but I have to think what am I going to use now.

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