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Some dyeing projects of mine


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These are a few of my dyeing projects. Most were done a while back, but I'm just getting around to sharing. I have a sack of wool waiting for me to attack it with color some time when I have free time.


All images are clickable. Or should be at least :P



Some cotton yarn my 4 year-old helped to dye.



"Pond Water" wool fingering yarn



"Janelle" wool fingering yarn, named for the friend of mine who inspired the colors



"Smashed Bananas" wool fingering yarn



"Spring Flower Garden" wool fingering yarn


I'm thinking of making the hubby take the kiddos for daddy/sons day out tomorrow so I can dye up a bunch more. Even if the results aren't always awesome, I love playing with color. Thanks for looking!

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:) Thank you.


With the cotton yarn I just wound it into skeins and my son and I used tie-dye kits and squeezed the colors onto the yarn. With the wool I soak the yarn in some vinegar and water and then toss it in the crock pot and dump some dyes over it. I just play around to get the different color combos, etc.

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Your "Pond Water" wool is gorgeous! And I can't wear wool ~ oh, I want to cry. Maybe I could dye cotton. Is it possible to dye worsted weight cotton?

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You have really inspired me! Usually when anyone says they dye cotton, it turns out they mean thread. I really, REALLY can't crochet with thread. But worsted weight is different. I am so excited!


I live in a very small town, but we do have a Walmart with Peaches & Cream, and I know they carry the white on cones. Yipee!


Thank you so much for showing us your work, and for your advice. I am going to dye some cotton.

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