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    I live for my 9 year old daughter. I love her very much!!
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    Crocheting and spending time with my daughter
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    since 1976
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    barbie, baby, doll clothes and afghans
  1. proudmama762003

    Wish List Thank Yous

    I would LOVE to see pictures of the homemade forks - they sound heavenly!!
  2. proudmama762003

    how to make a yarn cake

    http://coffeencrafts.blogspot.com/2009/02/freebie-friday_27.html these are just directions with a couple pictures
  3. proudmama762003

    looking for easy baby bootie pattern...

    There is a lady here named "brendakbrown". She is blind and makes the most adorable things. She has a bootie pattern called "Best Ever Baby booties" do a search for it here - there is a revised edition so be sure to get that one. If you just do a search for her in the member area and PM her she will probably email you the most recent pattern - she is a living doll and Oh so sweet! Her booties totally ROCK!!! I also 2nd Bev's booties. really easy.
  4. proudmama762003

    Bright Yellow Ripple

    Very cheery and pretty!!! So are your other items, very nice!! TFS!!
  5. proudmama762003

    Hello from Indiana

    Welcome from Idaho! I like the chain story too but LOVE the fact that it was your DAD that taught you!! That is awesome!!
  6. proudmama762003

    CPC Volunteers - Found, thanks!

    I sent one and it said it was delivered. HTH!
  7. proudmama762003

    Name some free crochet catalogs

    MAIL-ORDER CATALOGS Annies Attic (free) Halcyon Yarn (free) Herrschners (free) Knit Picks (free) Lion Brand (free) Mary Maxim (free) Patternworks (free) Personal Threads (free) Ram Wools (free) Woodland Woolworks (free) Yarn Barn of Kansas (free)
  8. proudmama762003

    Barbie Doll Patterns in Sz. 10 Crochet Cotten

    http://shiwri.mybesthost.com has lovely patterns for Ken, Barbie and Kelly. They are done in WW though.
  9. proudmama762003

    Do you...

    I wish I could but just can't afford to buy patterns, or justify it. Have seen some very pretty ones there though.
  10. proudmama762003

    Frilly Bottomed Sunsuit

    I know I sound like a broken record but that is very cute - will you be sharing your pattern?
  11. proudmama762003

    Latest CPK Outfit

    that is sooo cute!! Will you be sharing?
  12. proudmama762003

    Cabbage Patch BOYS CLOTHES

    will you be sharing the patterns? oh pretty please!! very very cute!
  13. proudmama762003

    please share your fav baby patterns!

    I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for sharing your wonderful news - cant wait to see what all you make!!
  14. proudmama762003

    kiddie items?

    not sure if anyone else mentioned it but CroJulee on here has the most adorable ice cream cone purse pattern and that would be so cute with the cupcake necklace, IMO. Have fun!!
  15. proudmama762003

    hook size 0?

    I was told at another site that the old 0 is like the new E - so I use my E on those patterns and everything comes out fine!