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    I am self-taught and still learning. I love to experiment, and I LOVE yarn.
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    photography, writing, reading, crocheting (duh)
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    Anything that can be worked up quickly. I tend to have a short attention span ;)
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  1. =D Thank you all. And yes, I do have to say my sis did pretty good on the twins, but I'm biased. lol
  2. Very nice! At first glance I thought the blanket was an actual quilt. Gorgeous!
  3. Very pretty. I hope surgery goes smoothly. Take care!
  4. This is so cute! Very well done.
  5. Hey all ... I haven't been around here in ages, but I though I would share some recent projects. First are the elf hats I made for my twin nieces from this pattern. The two hats are from this pattern and are for friends having babies soon. The blanket is actually a lap blanket I made for my Grandma, but it is perfectly baby-sized, and from this pattern. And lastly, the baby washcloths (they go with the pink hat) are from here. I couldn't find a non-Ravelry link for them. Sorry for the mostly horrid pictures ... it never fails that I almost always end up ready to take pictures of projects at night, and the lighting in my house is terrible anyway. You can see more details on any of them at Ravelry.
  6. Very pretty! I made one for my niece in very similar colors.
  7. Gorgeous! I love the colors you used.
  8. =) Thank you all very much.
  9. =) Thank you all. The yarn is soft and lovely, but kind of splity be warned.
  10. First of all, hi, hello, I haven't been here in a long time. Life got crazy, and while I was still crocheting, I didn't make the time to post. Second, this is my first garment, outside of a little baby sweater I whipped up for my niece at Christmas time. The pattern is from Crochet Garden. I modified it slightly in that I made an 18-24 size, but shortened it up a bit because my niece is only 9 months, but chunky as all get out. I used 'Spa' by Naturally Caron and a G hook. Picture / Ravelry page / Blog post
  11. I haven't signed on in ages due to life/family issues, but I want to say a very special thank you to my FGM for the stitch markers, the bear pattern booklet, and the buttons! They are all much appreciated =)
  12. Thank you thank you to Olivia for the gorgeous scarves! I know I said I was going to get a picture up, but my memory cards were confiscated after this weekend. But thank you so much, the scarves are both gorgeous! And my sons loved the candies, they took off with them before I even had a chance to see what they were. I will definitely try to get a picture up, but thank you again! Okay, so my family has the best timing, my memory cards were just returned, and so here's a picture of the scarves.
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