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You talented women who crochet clothing...

mrs who

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For my cotton clothing, I've used the Lily Peaches N Cream cotton. It washes really soft, and it's recommend for apparel and accessories in addition to dishcloths.


You can also try looking at Lion Brand Cotton, Bernat CottonTots, or Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. These are the only ones I can think of right now. :think



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LB CottonEase, which is being discontinued and TLC Cotton Plus are both reasonably priced, cotton blend yarns that are durable and washable and drape well, so I like them for clothes.


Knit Picks have two lines of cotton yarn now that look like they would be good for garments, though I haven't tried either yet.


I also like some of the Rowan cotton yarns for garments... but they are awful pricey!


I don't like Peaches 'n Cream for clothing, I find it too rough and not drapey enough.

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