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  1. I know it might seem a little morose, Ixa, but there really is a huge need, believe it or not! A few years ago a friend worked for a funeral home in the UK and they had a tremendous need for something to put on the littlest of babies for funerals and burials. In many cases doll clothes wouldn't even fit - and many of these families were unable to go out and shop for something for the baby - obviously! So a group of crafters got together to make tiny clothes - I made a few little burial dresses- and they were such a blessing to the parents. I'm so blessed to have three healthy children, I
  2. I haven't made crocheted dishcloths in years, I always do the knitted, garter-stitch ones which start at the corner and increase up. I'm feeling a bit guilty, as I have two crocheted dishcloth patterns on my website (a ripple and a sc/dc sttitch) but I never do them anymore because crocheted dishcloths just seem inferior to knitted ones! The knitted ones dry faster, don't hold odor, scrub well and wring-out well. They just seem to be flat-out better! Does anyone want to argue with me? Do any of you do FABULOUS crocheted dishcloths which are just as good as - or better than - kni
  3. I live in the western suburbs of Pittsburgh - out near the airport.
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