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WIPs now FOs


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This is where we can post and update the number of WIPs we get finished. If everyone updates their original thread it won't get too long. I'll update it weekly with a total tally of everyone's accomplishments.



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OK, I'm starting with my original list from the WIP CAL, then adding from there :)


2 daisy squares--sent to Krystal

set of 3 soft baby blocks--gifted to nephew

Twinkle Little Star baby blanket

4 pairs Mary Jane slippers for dd's

crocheted button for knitted baby bib--gifted to friend's baby girl

added fun fur fringe to fleece blanket for PL

3 potholders from Valentine Mystery CAL

2 scarves for dd's


I think that's it so far--what a great motivator to get some work done :D

Thanks, Dawn!

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- Mystery Thread CAL - (90% done)

- Blue and Purple Scarf (5% done)

- Rework of BFs Scarf (needs to be destroyed first)



- 12 inch squares for Fl Tornado victims (12 complete and shipped)

- Black sc Scarf (delivered to Matt)

- Fun Fur Scarf (delivered to Kate)

- Fun Fur Scarf (B&W for me!)

- Blue Round Ripple Afghan

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here is my first FO for 2007 WIP list. The Lion Brand Plush Throw in med green/DK green. The photo didnt judge it so well. I will post more after I finish one by one, still plugging away slowly....





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My FO so far.


Snowflake Afghan

2 stitch marker cases

Tulip baby quilt for SIL

Baby sweater, hat, diaper cover and booties set for SIL

20 premie hats, toys for Jan charity blitz.

7 Bereavement blankets for Feb charity blitz.

1 Scarf set for March charity bliz.

Scarf and hat for DD


13 Thread Snowflakes

Valentine Mystery CAL made into small purse.

Quilt Lapghan Do Si Do pattern




2 sampler quilts 1 for me 1 for my Mom

more stitch marker cases

Quilt Lapghan for my Grandfather

Trip Around the World quilt

140 more Thread Snowflakes

Doll clothes for DD's dolls

Charity blitz items on going.

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Giant Granny Afghan CAL for MIL 40% doneNeed more yarn:eek

Ocean Breeze Afghan to sale 15% done

Ripple CAL 10% done

Scrumptious Scrap Afghan CAL 20% done

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