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    truly active since 1995
  1. Ah, bummer. I have a lot of caron one pounders. I figure it will be a good way to use up the stash.
  2. I wonder if anyone have any Labor Day plans this weekend ? Mine just got cancelled. So I thought that I would have a stayation, watching tv movies/Netflix dvds and crafting all day. I just got back into writing as well.
  3. Judy - Thank you for the suggestion. I look it up, "Allrecipes". It appears that it don't allow me to download the recipes to the computer as a safe backup. I think I will try google docs/ gmail. Mom and I like to swap recipes all the time. She already have her own recipe collections saved on the computer and OneDrive. (accessed by the phone) I wish to do same for myself. I have tons of saved recipes bookmarks and too many cookbooks on my shelves. In hopes of trying them out (modify as I go), I will appreciate eating at home more. My family love to eat out all the time. However with m
  4. Hello, it's been a lonnng time since I hang out at Crochetville. Thought it's a good time to check in, see the oldies and meet others who don't meet me before! I adore Ravelry but it become so big that it become too overwhelming, even with some chatty groups. I 'reconnect' with crochetting other day when I found my oldest UFO ever that I thought is gone forever - waterfall homespun afghan, my personal design. It remind me of this forum which I am so happy to see being active! I am doing a book challenge, to get back into reading. I am playing with a cookbook to try out some simple reci
  5. I wonder if this yarn will work well with Caron pounders ? I assumed the gauge of WW yarn is similar. I suspect they block rather different as the cakes do have some wool beside acrylic. Anyone try a blocked swatch ? ETA: I plan to check it out at a local Michael's after the Labor Day holidays. It look like an interesting yarn to add into my stash!
  6. This afghan have been on my WIM list for too lonnnnng... I will join in when I am ready. My question is anyone ever make it in cotton yarn ? I am sure it's rather heavy. I need to find a way to make a light-weighted but dense flannelghan for los angeles' winters. I would love to make one for my best friend.
  7. I decide not to do a snuggie. I feel there is no reason for me to make one, no requests from someone else and I have so many afghans to cuddle in at home. Either way, I think it's an awesome idea to make one instead of wearing a polyester or manmade version.
  8. That's fine with me. I will join in 2010 Weight Loss CAL. My afghan is on hiatus until then. Do you need a co-host ? I don't mind doing it along with you (now or later in 2010).
  9. Go for it! Any exercise is better than none. I lost one pound after Thanksgiving Day. I only have a full serving on my plate, all vegetarian. (I don't eat any meat) I only have a full glass of wine and two tiny slices of pies, pumpkin (wheat free and gluten free, surprisingly good) and sweet potato. But somehow, I gain several pounds recently when I didn't look. I am not sure how it happened. Oh well, I am sticking to my zero gain plan for the holidays and watch what I eat. I am trying to keep active and busy.
  10. I managed to lose two pounds since I last posted in this thread. My current goal is no weight gain until end of the year. Last year during the holiday time, I manage to stay on same number. I want to do same thing this year. It will be great if I ever could lose some pounds after the holidays.
  11. Just wear an outfit that make you look good. Wear a warm smile when you welcome her in your house, or wherever you meet her. That's all what counts.
  12. Thanks for the tip! I will look it up when I am home. I am currently out of town.
  13. Good idea, Tia. I am more active than usual, mostly walking. I eat in smaller portions, all vegetarian. But I have to say I am not really doing things like heavy exercise such as hiking. I don't know how to count calories burned, etc. I also saw two different exercise regimes which is similar to wii. They only use plugin on the tv where a person can stand on the 'pad' to do exercises. I don't know if they are worth 50-60 bucks. I saw them in CVS and Walgreen's.
  14. That's so beautiful! That's the reason I decide not to make the wrapghan before xmas: I might get several requests!
  15. I also don't hear about the metabolism book. I am sure it will be an interesting read. I read some reviews on the amazon link for this book. It's nice to know this book appeal to vegetarians like me. I will see if I can pick it up when I am in a bookstore next time. I am glad that you got some answers about the knees. Hang in there. I will love to hear your progress, health and diet.
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