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    deaf crocheter/knitter, dabbling in x-stitch, beading, weaving, spinning, and other crafts.
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    truly active since 1995
  1. I wonder if anyone have any Labor Day plans this weekend ? Mine just got cancelled. So I thought that I would have a stayation, watching tv movies/Netflix dvds and crafting all day. I just got back into writing as well.
  2. Judy - Thank you for the suggestion. I look it up, "Allrecipes". It appears that it don't allow me to download the recipes to the computer as a safe backup. I think I will try google docs/ gmail. Mom and I like to swap recipes all the time. She already have her own recipe collections saved on the computer and OneDrive. (accessed by the phone) I wish to do same for myself. I have tons of saved recipes bookmarks and too many cookbooks on my shelves. In hopes of trying them out (modify as I go), I will appreciate eating at home more. My family love to eat out all the time. However with my food issues, I need to eat more at home. (I am a celiac who have severe food allergies and very sensitive about cross-contamination.) ​Gardener​ - Thank you for the suggestion. I already have my own cookbooks that I need to try out, too many! Oh no, I avoid Pinterest like a plague. I don't need more wormholes! Maybe one day...
  3. Hello, it's been a lonnng time since I hang out at Crochetville. Thought it's a good time to check in, see the oldies and meet others who don't meet me before! I adore Ravelry but it become so big that it become too overwhelming, even with some chatty groups. I 'reconnect' with crochetting other day when I found my oldest UFO ever that I thought is gone forever - waterfall homespun afghan, my personal design. It remind me of this forum which I am so happy to see being active! I am doing a book challenge, to get back into reading. I am playing with a cookbook to try out some simple recipes. If it goes well, I might set up a recipe blog. Any suggestions on the recipe collection websites ? I got back from summer vacation, so it's all about establishing the daily routines at home.
  4. I wouldn't mind getting a thinner led light cord. That way, I can create a fake Christmas tree display on the higher shelf next to the wall. I wouldn't do it for an actual Christmas tree because of the fire hazard. Think about the gifts laying around under the tree, right on the skirt itself...
  5. Wow! My area does a lot of yarn bombings but not like that! That's fablous!
  6. At first, I look at the pictures - "Oh! I bet it looks great as a throw..." Then I read the above posts and Ravelry project pages afterward.... I just 'tiptoe' away so slow and quiet.... lol. Seriously, it look so fabulous!
  7. I didn't see any response to my old PM three weeks ago. Did you ever get it ?
  8. Mid-October update: (massive changes again) 1. Finish the jester hats - Almost done with 1st hat, two more to go. 2. Start and finish 4 pairs of FGs - 1st pair need seaming, good progress on 2nd, the rest need gauge swatches 3. Reindeer xmas display (Dad don't want it, so I am making it for myself!) 4. Beaded Bangle - Changed mind, Found a cute jacobt pattern instead. 5. Janurary 3rd 2012's sweater - a birthday adult sweater for mom, still waiting on her final decision. I didn't do much but I am doing good with hats and FGs. I decide to save the sweater for Nov. goals. The reindeer display will be a selfish project for me after I finish the xmas gifts. I need to order the yarns for it. I am trying to take it easy this month. I learned my lesson about xmas gift burn-outs.
  9. Plans changed overnight on me! (Ok, two days ago) I have to expand more Xmas commitments into months of planning. 1. Finish the jester hats - 1/3 on first hat. 2. Start and finish 4 pairs of FGs - Bought the patterns and yarns today. 3. Collect what I need to make a reindeer xmas display and start on pieces - need to find the magazine first! (I will start this project in Nov) 4. Beaded Bangle - Need to check the bead store to see if I can get all items. (I will start this project in Nov) 5. Janurary 3rd 2012's sweater - a birthday adult sweater for mom, need to find out what she has in mind, then buy yarn (& pattern if needed) For this month, I figured that I will try to finish the hats & FGs and get things ready for Nov. projects.
  10. Ah ok, good to know that I am not alone. At the moment, I decide to work on my christmas gift commitments and 2 WIPs (to avoid holidays crafting burnout). When I get some breathing space, I will work on this project beside few WIPs and a selfish project. (My birthday present, Dec 10th treat!) I guess I might do same, saving this project until the beginning of 2012. Please let me know if you plan to continue this CAL into 2012.
  11. Soon, I plan to work on mine while I work on other projects. (xmas commitments, anyone?) Right now, I am resorting my WIPs in my stash. I hope to commit a night per week to this afghan. It's more likely that it will be finished sometimes in 2012. I just wonder if anyone still do this afghan ? I will post my updates here anyway.
  12. I am back after a long period of absence. Life keep me back from being active on any kind of online forums for months. I offer my apologizes for not maintaining this thread. I will be glad to moderate this thread in 2012 if anyone still wish to try it. The CAL itself is officially closed for 2011. I will start up a new thread in mid-December. Feel free to post more things or comments here if it keep you motivated.
  13. Hello, I am back after a long period of absence. Life is getting better where I can settle down at the keyboard more often. About my weight loss, I lost a lot of pounds very early in the year but I 'give up' on it. Right now, I am 11 pounds away from my highest weight number. I am not happy about it but slowly accepting and moving on... For now, I am drinking a lot of water and watch my sodium intake. I don't drink any soda for a whole month. I plan to add exercise routines soon. There are more things I need to do but at this point it is baby steps, baby steps. I also found the weight loss afghan which push me to post in this thread. Soon, I will add 11 tiles to the afghan. Anyone ever work on their crochet projects while they do their weight loss ?
  14. With the xmas times coming up, I thought I need a goal list to keep me motivated. 1. Start and finish 2 strips of a knitted afghan (50 rows of first strip so far, barely starting!) 2. Finish the lapghan (officially 52% done) 3. Find the jester hats and finish 1-2 of them 4. Collect what I need to make a reindeer xmas display and start on pieces (need to find the magazine first!) 5. Add the tiles to my weight loss afghan (ongoing project) 6. Decide on a relative's xmas and birthday gifts ( maybe x stitch duck picture) 7. Start my charity blankets after I heard from the charity coordinator. 8. Finish up a xmas striped throw (UFO)
  15. Hello, I see that you live locally. It's exciting to find a local charity! I will love to join in. I have some questions. However, I have to share personal information. Please PM me when you come back from the trip. Enjoy the vacation!
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