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yarn recall


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I know this isn't the right place for this. But wanted to make sure everyone saw this..

Yarn Recalls for Sirdar & Bernat


Both Sirdar and Bernat are recalling yarns due to their flammable

nature. If you have purchased the yarns listed they ask for them to


returned. Sirdar will replace the skeins with the new version of the


Bernat is offering a refund. Both are asking for the skeins and any

items made with the yarn. Please visit their websites for more



SIRDAR -- Fizz

www.sirdar.co.uk/ (pop-up window)


BERNAT -- Fur Out


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Good to know!! I wonder if the stores have pulled it off their shelves yet. I know Walmart here was selling off their fur out. I have used it, but only for a purse. Actually, I think I made some flip flops from it for a Christmas present...I will contact the recipient and offer to remake them. Thanks for the heads up!!

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I always thought the Fur Out was FUGLY! LOL! I don't know if we have any in our Jo-Ann's anymore... I know someone bought a ball of lime green the other day with no label, and finding something with a label to scan was a chore...


I'll mention the recall when I go in to work tomorrow.

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I wonder who held their scarf/hat/sweater over an open flame :thinking2 to cause this recall?

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