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    K. Anne
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    I enjoy crochet, knitting, loom knitting, crafts, reading & spending time with friends & family.
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    I am a SAHM of 2 beautiful girls.
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    I am a self-taught crocheter. I've been crocheting since 1998.
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    I love to crochet gifts for family & friends.
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  1. cinfulkarmah

    List of Clubs around the U.S.

    Even though some of the groups are listed for knitters some group have crocheters attend as well. It might be worth looking into if you find one near you.
  2. cinfulkarmah

    Stitch n Pitch 2008

    I am a little bit North & West of Philadelphia in the burbs. I live about 20 minutes from the Morgantown exit of the turnpike if that helps. Lol. I am hoping to go (if everything fills up) on a bus trip to the stadium sponsored by a LYS that is within 15 minutes travel time of where I live, Marilyn's Knitting Basket in Phoenixville, PA. http://www.marylinsknittingbasket.com They are putting together the bus trip down. I have already paid for my spot. So I am crossing my fingers that the rest of the spots fill up.
  3. cinfulkarmah

    Stitch n Pitch 2008

    Anyone want to go the Phillies one? I signed up for a group trip outing sponsored by a LYS that's within driving distance of my house. But... They haven't filled their quota yet to fill the bus. If they don't it will be canceled. I am really hoping that more people sign up.
  4. Is anyone here going to the Phillies game for Stitch & Pitch on August 5th? I am wanting to go, and even pre-paid for a group trip. The trouble is that more people need to fill up the slots or the trip will be canceled. If you live in the Phoenixville area (or within reasonable traveling distance as I do) the LYS there is putting together a bus trip to the stadium. That way you don't have to worry about the traffic, parking, etc. More time to crochet on the way! Here are the details in case anyone else wants to sign up: What: Stitch 'n Pitch Trip -- Phillies vs. Marlins -- August 5th (7pm game) Sponsored by: Marilyn's Knitting Basket -- http://www.marilynsknittingbasket.com/ Cost: $50 per person (includes ticket & transportation to and from the stadium from the Knitting Basket) For more details visit the shop's site and read their newsletter: http://www.marilynsknittingbasket.com/newsletter.htm I hope to be able to see some of you there!
  5. cinfulkarmah

    Halter Top for DD.

    That turned out cute and it fits well.
  6. cinfulkarmah

    Wrap Around Shawl

    The colors are quite pretty.
  7. cinfulkarmah

    Bubble Suit Layette

  8. cinfulkarmah

    Baby Ladybug poncho and cap

    That is adorable. My youngest loves dressing up and would love this little set just to wear around the house all the time, oh yeah, she would use it to go outside all the time as well. Lol.
  9. cinfulkarmah

    Bunny purses

    These are just too cute!
  10. cinfulkarmah

    Mixed Grill Bowling Bag

    Wow. They are all so neat!
  11. cinfulkarmah

    Entrelac Bag

    That turned out lovely!
  12. cinfulkarmah

    Between Meal Centerpeice

    Very, very pretty!
  13. cinfulkarmah

    Chicken potholder

    That little hen is adorable!
  14. cinfulkarmah

    Yarn for Sale

    Lots of yarn for sale! http://www.mustbekarmah.com/stashslash/yarn/ Thanks!
  15. cinfulkarmah

    TMA Soft Creations

    Hi! I just wanted to let the people who purchased some of the TMA Soft Creations yarn from me that I found a started rectangle granny square afghan along with some extra skeins. The afghan could be continued on with or frogged for the yarn. I have a picture of it all on my site along with some more yarns that I found that I can part with for the greater good. Here is the link to the page that the TMA is on. (You'll have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.) http://www.mustbekarmah.com/destashyarn.htm Thanks!