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  1. As far as I know, we've been accepting them. I am not on register very often, I will admit. But I do work for one of the most anal-retentive stores in the entire company when it comes to policy! LOL!
  2. The Jo-Ann company policy is that they will accept competitor's coupons on anything that BOTH stores sell. Yes to yarn. No to fabric. Any Jo-Ann store that does NOT do this is defying company policy... not cool. Jo-Ann will accept any number of coupons you have, AS LONG AS THE BAR CODES ARE DIFFERENT. Two newspaper coupons? No. Two identical Michael's coupons? No. One newspaper ad, one Michael's, one AC Moore, one from your mailer... YES! All of them. The only exception is that they will not take two mailer coupons... so, if you had yours, and your sister's, even though the bar codes are different, they are essentially considered the same coupon. They are just "personalized" for two different people (complete with names!), but they ARE the same coupon. I hope that clears things up. For those that think it's odd that we accept each other's coupons, it's really not. We want you to spend money in OUR store, not theirs. So, we'll take their coupons so you buy more stuff from us! LOL! We're saving you gas, too! LOL!
  3. I've got a non-holiday-gift afghan started, so I will keep working on that. I am also usually working on blankets for the animal shelter, so that never really ends. Other than than, no real plans...
  4. It just dawned on me that we have some of those things at our Public Market, too, but they're usually cheap knockoffs and bootlegs of "urban" fashion. LOL!
  5. The closest we have to what I think you're talking about is the Public Market in the city (Rochester), but most of the vendors there are fruits, vegetables and meats from local farmers. Not much in the way of cool, non-food stuff like wool. (cheap fruits and veggies, though! )
  6. That I don't know... the web site and the store are affilliated, but basically run independently. You'd have to check the site itself on those products on the day to see if they have the same offer. Oddly, I have notice that sometimes the "sale price" on the web site is the same as the regular price in the store. That's just wacked! LOL!
  7. For some reason, the edit function is taking forever... I'm too impatient to wait for it to decide to do some work... LOL! The 3-Day Sale is not this weekend, it's next weekend. I meant to include dates (11/23 - 11/25), and forgot.
  8. Just got mine yesterday... Oddly, I know from my boss that there aren't many major changes between the rest of the sale week and Black Friday. Usually I end up stuck there until 11pm on Wednesday night, helping with sale set, but most of the sale is being set on Saturday night for Sunday, with minimal changes on Wednesday night... I'm only scheduled until 9:30 pm -- WOO! SO... for most of the sales, you DON'T have to wait until Friday... I'm looking at the ad now... items of interest: Friday Door Buster (6 am - Noon) - $34.99 rolling totes, including a yarn one - $29.99 folding 13 watt Ott Lite - 20% total purchase coupon (6am - noon only) - 50% item coupon (all day) Saturday Door Busters (6 am - Noon) - 20% total purchase coupon (6am - noon only) - 50% item coupon (all day) (no knit/crochet doorbusters) Fri-Sat-Sun 3-Day Sale - Patons Classic Wool - 2 for $6 - Knifty Knitter Gift Loom Set - $12 - Red Heart Super Saver - $1.89 - Sensations Rainbow Boucle or Rainbow Classic - 2 for $10 - Caron Pounders - 2 for $8 Holiday Kick-Off (Sun 11/18 - Sat 12/1) - Classes 25% off, with 20% supply coupon - had to throw that in... it's my department Tomorrow, btw, is Class Preview Day. - Lion Brand Homespun - $3.79 - Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick - $4.29 - Lion Brand Wool Ease - 2 for $4 - Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick - 2 for $10 - TLC Essentials - 2 for $6 - Lion Brand Fun Fur - 2 for $5 Enjoy!
  9. Way to proofread, whoever originally posted that find on that site... LOL! Shouldn't it be Patons? *giggle*
  10. Ditto. I love to make them lengthwise, and work in the back loops to make it ribbed. But... I also do them width-wise. I totally depends on what look you want!
  11. Oh, I loooooove them long. I like them to stick out of the bottom of my coat WITH them wrapped around my neck... LOL! I'm 5' 7", so that's a lot of scarf! LOL!
  12. That's a nifty guideline. I make scarves for the Red Scarf Project, and their suggested guideline is 5" wide and 60" long. I usually make them wider and longer. They say that your "wingspan" (fingertip to fingertip) is equal to your height... so when I am making scarves, I usually try to make them that long (I'm 5' 7").
  13. Or a fabric glue, like Fabri-Tac... I've used that with iron-on patches, and it works great!
  14. I don't tie "knots," per se, but I do tie them like the first step of tying your shoe. Just enough to twist them together to keep them in line until it's time to sew in my ends.
  15. I had Federal jury duty in 2005, and I had no problems getting my crochet hook in. I did use plastic. I put my yarn pendant cutter on my keychain (I have a big keychain with lots of junk hanging off it); they didn't even flinch. They made a bigger deal about a package of 8 roller pens I had in my bag, which looked funky on the x-ray. LOL!
  16. I usually always have something going on, between gifts and class samples, but yeah, I get burned out and need a rest. Right now a baby blanket has gotten me back in gear, but even so, some nights I am just not in the mood, and it sits there. Everything cycles. Heh.
  17. When I first started teaching myself, I was in my mid-20's, and a friend stopped by to visit my husband... I got the usual raised eyebrow and "granny craft" comments. I've been there. LOL!
  18. In general, crochet does tend to require more yarn than knitting... about 30% more. The only down side, in my opinion. Here are two afghans I have made for wedding gifts... one is a DC mesh with yarn woven the other way to make a plaid, the other is a filet pattern. Both were found in Afghans for All Seasons books by Leisure Arts, so I can't post the patterns... sorry... Here's another I made for a wedding gift... I used the Lattice Chevron pattern on page 163 of The Encyclopedia of Crochet:
  19. Yup! That's my theory! I really throw myself into my work.
  20. Thanks so much!!! Never fear, it's going to a good cause... she is gluing relevant words on a Scrabble board signed by all five members of the band Barenaked Ladies, which will be included in a teacup auction to raise money for Joe Self, former head of security for the band, who was in a serious motorcycle accident last week. He's still critical, but recovering... and his medical bills are already piling up. http://www.joeselfhelp.com/ for Joe and his family...
  21. Thanks... my friend has already thought of all these suggestions. LOL! Someone did give her a number for getting replacement tiles for free... but... the info was from 1998. So she's not too confident about that one! LOL! At this point, she only needs one K. Not really worth buying a whole bag of them. I wish I could help her, but I hate Scrabble. LOL!
  22. Heyyyy, thanks! She may not have know that, actually. She hasn't worked there that long (less than a year), and is in the design department. I'll pass that second link on to her! Maybe she can figure out who to talk to to score a couple Ks. LOL!
  23. I have a friend who is working on a project, and needs two "K" scrabble tiles to complete it. She's seen bags of tiles on eBay for crafters, but doesn't need 200 of them... just TWO. LOL! I know it's a really, really weird request... but I know people do lots of different crafts here, so I thought I would give it a whirl... The funny thing is, this friend WORKS for Hasbro, and can't find an open scrabble box ANYWHERE in the office to bogart two tiles. HA! Thanks!
  24. Huh. I didn't even know about that one! I guess they're not doing in-store entries... Of course... I -can't- enter. Booooooo...
  25. Yep, all the Jo-Ann stores (that offer classes) use them for their kids' class. Thanks for the heads-up on the backordering... I haven't needed to order up yet, but if I do, at least I am forewarned. LOL! I think it's an adorable book, and yeah, I think it's worth investing in. There is also a sewing book in the series that is FANTASTIC. I bought one for MYSELF! LOL! I love the tote bag pattern in it, and I've also made myself pajama pants (they show you how to make them using an existing pair of pants as a pattern, so size doesn't matter!).
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