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clare's booties


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i seem to have deleted the original photo's :angry but i can post a pic of the finished product


sorry :(





ok i am hopeless at writting patterns so i will describe it to my best ability

here goes:lol

8ply yarn size 3.5mm hook

the soles are already cut out (or you can cut them by hand) i got the sheepskin from a afriend that works at a sheepskin factory :hug

i blanket stiched around the sole in the same color that i used for the crochet part. start at the back of the heel in the middle

when you have stiched around you will have a lengh left over (the tail from the stiching, hope that makes sence) i just took a pic , pictures speak louder than words

sorry there isnt a pic i deleted it :(


attach your yarn to the tail

now crochet into the blanket stiches (the little loop that the blanket stich created) crochet around, most blanket stich will need one crochet stich (i use double crochet, its easy and quick) but when it seems to get tight ......i put two dc into one blanket stich on the heel (every 3rd blanket stich) side of sole and then on the toe of the sole i put 2 DC every third blanket stich ( if you dont do this it will make the toe part of the bootie too tight ) when you have funished the first round the sole should lie flat as in the pic , if it doesnt you have not enough stiches:eek


once you have done round 1 just crochet around until you have 4 rounds DC into each stitch around, no need to add extra stiches


how we going folks any questions???


so you should have 4 rounds stop at the back of the sole:D you probably already have DONT finish off

now crochet around till you get to half way along the side of the sole ( to where i have that funny looking arrow)

chain 10 stiches this is the bit that will go over the front of the foot near ankle

attach the chain with a DC to the other side of the bootie in the same place that you started to chain (hope that make sence) chain from right hand line and join where the left hand line is (the bit above the lines you havnt done yet )




now DC around, when you get to the bit where you did the chain, crochet around that too( you are making the sock part of the bootie)


i make 8 rounds if i am not adding anything fancy around the top

i do 6 rounds if i am adding fancy bits, then 2 rounds of fancy ( different yarn, shell stitck etc etc)


so now your booties should look like the second pic ?? if it doesnt it means i have written this wrong:(


now cut out a piece of sheepskin the shape of the open bit of the toe

turn the booite inside out

place the sheepskin in the open part of toe up side down meaning fluffy part on the inside, you should be looking at the backing if the sheepskin

so you have bootie inside out ( fluffy bit of sole on the outside and the toe part that u are going to sew, the fluffy part on the inside)

sew arond the edge of the sheepskin attaching it to the bootie

i have sewn it inside out :D


put a ribbon of elastic around the top of the sock and ya done!!!!

you can cut the fluff if its long on the toe and brush to make fluffy

phew i hope i have wrote it correct

thanks clare

any questions please just ask :hook

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Those booties are adorable!


Some things that might need to be made clear for those in the US your dc is a sc in the US.


I think your 8ply yarn is close to a sport weight or dk weight yarn is that right?

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