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  1. i found that problem recently with Aunt Lydias Caress Microfibre. it wasn't on the wrapper but when i looked at the coats website it was listed there! try other avenues. maybe even online yarn stores would list the yaradge even if the wrapper doesnt. as Elle said, weight of yarn varies greatly so length would too
  2. aww look how cute that is! I love the bucket hat. great work as always and thanks for sharing
  3. oh my gosh! look at how darn cute that is!!!
  4. Jessie is still numb, she expects next week once she has no more things to organise and things quiet back down to "normal" life that it will hit her. She is being very strong, but she refutes that saying she is just numb. I sent her some flowers and a teddy for each of the girls and she emailed this morning to thank me, saying her 2yr old has the teddy in a headlock and there is no rescuing him now. She is in reasonably good spirits considering. Jess, if you're reading this, you are so brave!
  5. Jessie and I have been great email friends and this is so heartbreaking I am crying. I can't imagine what this is like for her. I know it will hit her hard as they were together but 3 short months before they married! from her blog: "About Me Jessie CT, US I am a stay at home mom of 2 little girls. I am sickeningly happy with my husband, my children, and our cat. I am completely addicted to yarn, and prefer crochet to knit. I have begun designing my own patterns and am expanding my hooking skills every day!" Her girls Rory and Lori are so very small too. Lorelei is only 2.5
  6. gorgeous Darski!!! very pretty too, the towel etc just set it off
  7. you have an exceptional imagination Darski!
  8. Darski that is adorable!! Jessi's school colours ar navy and gold lol She's seen your designs now and asked for them all!
  9. I don't even need to say it, you know I love it!
  10. Darski.. where do you get the inspiration?!?! All your things are amazing, but this pops up all those 60's pics with polka dots and net skirt hems. just adorable!
  11. Darski this is really cool! they'd be great for kids parties and stuff. alter the title of the thread to remove doll i thinketh!!!
  12. Darski that little sweater is adorable! well.. the whole outfit is Iam just mesmerized by the jumper (sorry, we aussies call sweaters a jumper!! it just hit me that you call many clothes jumpers butnot sweaters)
  13. whoa Darski.. you've outdone yourself!! all brilliant as usual, but I do love that little nightie
  14. oh my gosh Darksi, they just keep getting cuter and cuter! thank you for sharing them with us
  15. ooh Jessi has this doll!! she is going to love a new outfit for her when I get around to making this, thanks so much for sharing! not like Dora needs new clothes as mum has bought almost all of those available for this doll from the shops. I just love the making lol. awesome job!!
  16. hmm...intermediate? not sure. i can usually help others and read most patterns etc. i am able to create my own designs. not sure how you'd really guage your level but that sounds enough for me. and patterns can stump anyone!! Kathy you should have created a poll
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