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  1. That's exactly it!!! Thanx!!! I thought I looked there but don't remember seeing that!
  2. No, I hadn't seen that, and it's close to what I want, but what I'm looking for is more of an oval shape and the button would be in the middle of your chest, not up by your neck.... The best thing I can think of to describe it is kind of like those things the senior girls used to wear in old yearbook pictures.
  3. Thanks everyone, those are some good ideas. I'm wanting a wrap to wear around the house that doesn't have a lot hanging down to get in the way. I know there are several things I could do like a short cape or poncho or a mobius but somehow I got this image in my head of a wrap like I described and I can't get rid of it. It seems like I've seen one before somewhere. I think I may end up doing a short cape, like the Chanson but decrease down the front so that it's kind of cut away toward the back.
  4. I've looked on CPC and Lion Brand and Bernat and Michaels and a few other places and I can't find a pattern for what I want. I want a wrap that would just go around the shoulders and upper arms and button in the front. I know I could just do a moebius but I'm thinking of something different. Maybe something like an oval where the two ends would meet in the front. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  5. I'm making the heavenly bolero from Lion Brand with Incredible. I'm using a N hook. It works up kind of thick but I killed a swatch and that flattens it out and makes it softer so I'm going to try that when I'm done. It does make it quite a bit larger though so watch that if you do it.
  6. Well, it's my own pattern but I copied it from a purse I saw so I wasn't planning on sharing it. It wasn't too hard to figure out though! The problem is I can't remember where I saw it at, or whether it was just a purse for sale or a pattern or what?
  7. I gave it to her today and she likes it! My BIL said it was "girly"
  8. If I am following a pattern that is confusing or that I want to change I graph it out, either one repeat or the difficult portion or up to where I want to change it. I just need to see it like that before I can make it.
  9. Unless I need something blocked to specific measurements or it's a doily that's out of shape or something, I just iron it. Except for blankets. I don't do anthing to those. If it was filet, I probably would block it because I'd want it to be nice and square. If you ever iron acrylic, or cotton with a silver or gold thread in it, be sure to use a cloth to cover it before you iron.
  10. Thanx everyone. This is a new SIL and I don't really know her at all so I hope she likes it!
  11. Thanks everyone. I was feeling a little not sure about this shawl, being so large and lacier than I intended, but you all boosted my confidence! I figure if she doesn't want to wear it she can hang it on her couch to look pretty!
  12. Did you see this that I just made? http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=65890 I converted a doily pattern to make it. You probably want something less lacy but it's really not hard to do. You just need to find a doily that has 12 repeats and eliminate 4 of them, turning at the end of each row. The only changes you have to do to the pattern are at the beginning and end of each row. Like if you imagine a line going down between the 12 "pie pieces" of the doily, it might cut through a ch 5 space, in which case you would dc, ch2 at the beginning of the row. Let me know if you need more help!
  13. I found a picture of this purse on the web, not sure where, and whipped up my own version for a Christmas present! I used RHSS for the first time, and I still don't think I want to wear it but it's great for a purse! The color is heathered gray which is a lot darker than shows in the picture.
  14. I wanted to make a 3/4 round shawl for my SIL for Christmas, but then found out that we would only see them at Thanksgiving so had to do this in a week! I couldn't find a pattern I liked and was having trouble designing one on my own so I combined this doily pattern http://www.angelfire.com/folk/celtwich/Ripe.html with the purple poncho pattern from Amazing Crochet Lace. Unfortunately, after I killed it (and it needed killing bad) it grew several inches. So I decided she can just stick her arms out the holes and call it a cape! So here's the pics, all taken by my 5 yr old dd. She's getting better and better at it! (excuse the frumpy clothes, we're leaving tomorrow so doing laundry today)
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