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    Single mum of one total angel. I use crafts to spend time as am very limited here
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    Norseman, West Australia
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    Crochet, Tatting, Scrapbooking, Beading, Reading, Writing, Gardening, Card Making, Crosswords
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    Volunteer editor of our community newspaper, Mum, Manage my mum's toy shop
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    umm?? 2003 I started to take more interest, but was taught in my early teens
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    Small, quick, pretty.. Desgining clothes for Kelly (Matel) dolls
  1. Hi All I have Issue 10 of Yarn Magazine (Aussie) that links its Talant the Camel pattern from the website as it's 14 pages. They say it's only available online for a limited time. Being such a cute pattern I thought it only kind to let you all see and download too!! He's actually a knitting organiser of sorts with a pin cushion and place for needles etc. Direct to pattern http://www.yarnmagazine.com.au/downloads/ak_talant%20Pattern%20YARN(1).pdf Yarn Magazine Website http://www.yarnmagazine.com.au/index.php Someone may want to post this in Advanced Knitters too as I'm not a memeber of that group
  2. Shell

    G'day from Western Australia

    Hi Chars! Nice to finally see another West Aussie in here!!
  3. Shell

    Butterfly Darling

    totally adorable
  4. Shell

    Pineapple Star

    I like that design!
  5. Shell

    Im In Love...

    looks nice and fluffy Dee! I might try get some to make baby items for my sis who is currently expecting. I haven't been into a Lincraft in many years. I've only really ever seen 2 in Perth and I live so far from Perth. It's nice to see their website, it appears they have a really good online range so thank you very much for sharing!
  6. Shell

    Identifying a "hook/knitting item

    I'm with Linda, I need to see it
  7. Shell

    G'day from Australia

    Hi Trixiebelle from Western Australia
  8. Shell

    Two Afghans

  9. Shell

    Hello Kitty Amigurumi

    The only patterns I have seen mentioned are in Japanese crochet books which use symbols and are printed in Japanese. I hope someone can help you further. Hello Kitty is a trademarked character so people wont be able to link you anything they do know about which is not endorsed by the creators.
  10. Shell

    clothes for a Strawberry shortcake doll

    both are nice, the white one seems to fit better which makes it look better
  11. Shell

    My 3 Bed Dolls

    such stunning dolls!! your work is amazing! I've not seen many bed dolls done with 11.5" fashion dolls.
  12. Shell

    Baby RR completed

  13. Shell

    Knitted Tulip Dishcloth

    Ada that's really cute!
  14. Shell

    Cardigan Sets for Twins

    they are just gorgeous