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flip flop socks


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Flip Flop Socks in Crochet / Page 1

Flip Flop Socks in Crochet by Leigh Manson-Brown (knit-errant), 2006


Flip Flop Socks in Crochet

This pattern was inspired by the Short Toed Socklets on the Coats.de website. Several gals over

at Crochetville were trying to come up with a crochet version; this is what I did.

While both socks illustrate an enviable fashion sense, the one on the left is made from the original

knit pattern; the one on the left is the crocheted version I came up with. Please excuse the $1.99

flip flops; I was planning on dressing them up, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Calling this a pattern is actually a bit of a misnomer; this is more of a guideline than a pattern

proper. It’s what I did to fit my US size 7 foot; you may have to use your imagination and adjust

some stitch counts.

I think this pattern could be worked in any weight yarn – just experiment with hook sizes.

However, if you want something that will actually fit in your shoe, I think the best results will be

achieved by using yarn that is sport, sock, or fingering weight. …But Lion Brand BIG might just be

uproariously funny.

Stitch markers may be helpful in keeping track of where your rounds end and begin, but are not

necessary. I didn’t use them because I’m really lazy and didn’t want to go find mine.

Flip Flop Socks in Crochet / Page 2

Flip Flop Socks in Crochet by Leigh Manson-Brown (knit-errant), 2006



Red Heart Lustersheen (shown in Dk. Mulberry)

Size D (3.25mm) Crochet Hook

Stitch marker (opt.)


Foundation Row: Leaving a long tail for sewing, ch 4, sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each

across. Ch 1, turn.

Row 1: Working in back loops only, sc in each sc across. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2-?: Repeat Row 1 until you have a strip that will fit around your foot comfortably. For my

US size 7 foot, it took 50 rows.

Main Body of Socklet

Please note that the main body of the socklet is worked perpendicular to the edge of the ribbing.

Join ends of ribbing with a slip stitch, ch 1.

Row 1: Work 1 sc in same stitch as sl st, and in each row of ribbing around.

Row 2-?: Working in the round sc in each sc, until socklet body reaches desired length. For my

foot, I worked approximately 2†of sc.

Toe Division

Here’s the part where you’ll need to use your imagination a little bit. The numbers given fit my foot; you

maybe have to experiment and fudge a bit to find what will fit your foot. (Free pattern, remember? This is

why you hire professionals, ha!)

Sc around the tube until you reach the point where your big toe will be. Ch 4, sk 15 sc, sc in next

stitch and in remaining sts of round. (Stitch numbers are approximate; this fit my foot, but you

may need a different number of stitches.) When all is said and done, you should now have

something that looks like a lopsided ‘8’.

Small Toe Sleeve

Sc in each sc around until you reach ch, sc in back loops only of ch, sc in both loops of

remaining sc’s. Work even. sc in each sc around until you reach the side of the sock where your

little toe will be. Repeat [sc2tog, sc in next sc] two times. Sc in each remaining sc around. Work

even. If necessary, alternate last two rounds until sock reaches desired length (I didn’t have to,

but with one glaring exception, I have pretty short toes). Fasten off.

Big Toe Sleeve

Join yarn in any sc. sc in each sc until you reach ch4. sc in front loops only of ch4. Sc in both

loops of each remaining sc around, and work even for required number of rows to be even with

other section of socklet. Fasten off.


This pattern doesn’t have a seam allowance; to sew up ribbing, align edges side-by-side and join

with whipstitch to create a flat seam. Weave in ends.

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I'm gonna be starting the as soon as the scarf im working on is done....I am gonna try to makethem for my 6 yr old she lives in her flip flops an gets sores all the time....

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I just came across your pattern. Wow, that's a pretty close match to the knitted version. I was just finishing a pair of socks and wondering what I'd do with the leftover yarn. I'll be sure to start these soon. Hey, I'll be sure to post my finished socks. Thanks for sharing your pattern!! :clap


P.S. Up until recently, I was calling these sandals thongs. That was until I taught 40 elementary school children to folk dance and mentioned to the group at large that it wouldn't be wise for them to wear thongs on the day of the performance. :eek There was much giggling and smirking until I understood why. I had to explain to them that "back in my day", flip flops were thongs!! :lol

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Oh, wow! What a surprise to see my pattern as a CAL! I'm just absolutely giddy. :D


Everybody's sockies are coming out really well! Great job ladies! They're all very cute. :) I hope the pattern was easy enough to follow... I wing things more than coming up with actual patterns.

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Okay, so I am inadvertently in this CAL! hehe. Started today, halfway done right now! I varied on the pattern a bit.


1. Using a medium worsted yarn, it's pretty thin though a real sport would be better (not best, but better). It's pretty thin for a Red Heart. Just loved the colors! Tried, and it fits fine with a flip flop, too.


2. Also, I just despise doing SC's over and over so I varied there too! After the ribbing and row of sl-st, 1 rows of SC's, I did a row of hdc, dc, sc, dc... besides, it makes the color pattern more interesting. ^_^



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Thank you so much for this pattern, I have been looking for a crochet version for quit some time , I am happy to say that I finished my first pair lastnight:cheer !.. I would show you a pic,but my hubby has lost the data cable to my digital camera!!grrrrrrrrrrr............... I hope to get a new camera out of this at least...heeee... thank you.. Robin.

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