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  1. For any of you guys whose patterns are listed at Ravelry, who do not wish to deal with all the pain and suffering of learning the stuff, please feel free to let me know where your patterns are. I'm a volunteer Sooper editor there and can take care of your pattern links for you. (A PM on here will make sure I don't miss it!) It's just what I enjoy doing. The database is a fun thing......IF you like that sort of thing. I get bored easily so I needed something like that to dig into! I got hooked there when I discovered the resource of using it for a journal, to link all the patterns I'd used and yarns, hooks, etc on my projects. But of course, somebody has to edit all that junk when people submit it. I don't really use much of the forums either, except for the editor's section. I quit coming by here very much because I just didn't have much crochet related to chatter about, but some days I still like to pop by (hello ::waves:: That would be today).
  2. Ever looked at Doris Chan's Amazing Crochet Lace? http://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Crochet-Lace-Fashions-Old-Fashioned/dp/0307339750/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1286820154&sr=8-1 She turned a lot of pretty doily patterns essentially, into beautiful shawls. I love the pineapple one on the cover. (did a CAL with it even)
  3. First was this... lol http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=27421
  4. I usually make shawls or things that really don't matter if they're blocked. I have made a couple that needed blocking, though - the chrysanthemum tea shawl, crocheted in cotton, has to be blocked to take shape, much like an oversized doily. I'm sure I would block more if I did more in thread....
  5. I made these one year for work, without the faces. They were a hit. Folks still bring them out every year http://pie.midco.net/grammalowe/halloween.html#cropump I made the Black Cat Nut Cups as well, hehe those were fun. But not crocheted.
  6. Goddess Afghan http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Craftingthecraft August issue
  7. Maybe what you're looking for is filet crochet? What kind of an image?
  8. Thought that sounded familiar. Found in the July 2007 issue of Crochet Magazine.
  9. Does anyone know what happened with Christina's website, as in, like if it's coming back or something else? It's parked at her domain, but the domain registration hasn't expired quite yet (8/8) but it is not accessible and she cannot be PMed.
  10. I heard that somebody heard that customer service said that no, the free pattern will NOT return to the AA site. The free knit and crochet links already posted here contain all the patterns now as PDFs that they have to offer. I enjoyed a random free daily pattern, even though they were frequently repeats anyway... and, each site is going to have a featured daily one now too. What's stupid to me is both the other sites seem to simply have a replica of what was already on FreePatterns. It makes for a moderate headache when trying to catalog it all on another website where I frequent.
  11. Ahhh.... ok. This sounds better than the way their customer service reply was worded.
  12. This is not exactly it, but closer. I was looking through my Interweave Crochet, Summer 2009 edition, and saw a Shape-Shifting Shawl pattern that reminded me of your request. There is a pic of it here. Another view of it in the mag shows it being worn like a long-sleeved shrug.
  13. Not free, but looks good. book: Felted Crochet can see here (if you have a login)
  14. I would gladly have sent mine if I didn't already hand it over to a friend in need several months back! Switched to AT&T to get the iPhone a few months ago, still had my first Sprint phone from 2 (now 3) phones ago, heh.
  15. Looks great. I love a Cold Shoulders!
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