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  1. Yea! I got mine done, Thank you so much, It beats the leather one I had , man that got HOT! I did it in Black,then Tan then Black again http://s44.photobucket.com/albums/f35/jrjt/Crafts%20i%20made/?action=view&current=steeringwheelcozie.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1
  2. Thanks worm, i just made my first one yesterday This link will help me make more
  3. Thanks jessc, sure that will be fine Daisy It will give me a chance to get fall color yarn
  4. cool more links hey daisy lets start a leaf scarf crochetalong lol want to?
  5. Ty so much Daisy, you know the flower scarf in Happy hooker, I thought hmmmmm do a fall leaf one
  6. HELP LOL Im looking for a crochet leaf pattern can any one help me
  7. YEA I finished my Happy Hooker Flower Scarf lol Jacobs look lol I was trying to post way b4 now but the goofy photobucket was acting up
  8. That is sooooo beautiful, i love the color, was it hard to make?
  9. I Looooove them lol we ought to do a flip flop sock exchange lol
  10. Hi yall that have the happy hooker book, there is a flower scarf in there page 96 i think im making that here are my flowers so far, iv never done flowers b4 lol be gentle lol http://i44.photobucket.com/albums/f35/jrjt/f.jpg
  11. Now you need a shake and fries lol
  12. LOL Makes me want a burger thats Great !
  13. K lol you fig out the cheese lol, a friend adopted my mouse oh well dont have to feed that one now bahahaha. I told her you made the pattern
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