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SWFiber yarn company has a new addition to their yarn line. It is a little

bear named Tofu.


Tofu is made from soy. He is very cute!


Tofu wanted to see the world so SWFiber thought it would be interesting to

let Tofu pack his bags and camera and go on trips and write about his

adventures. On his first trip he went to Ohio. He was supposed to go to

California after that but something happened, not sure what. Actually I

think he went to California but forgot to write home. You know how bears

are :)


Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that yesterday Tofu came to Missouri

to visit me. He will be here for a couple of weeks and I will make sure he



He doesn't know it yet, but he is actually here so that I can design

something for him. Crochet! magazine hired him to be a model and he is

supposed to wear his new design at the photo shoot when he goes to Indiana.



If you are interested in reading about his adventures, which hopefully he

will update daily, go to http://www.tofubear.com/Blog.html



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I didn't get to keep Tofu as long as I originally thought I was going to. So he will be coming back so I can design something for him. What type of crochet things are you interested in Tofu including in his blog? If you will let me know, I will have a talk with him and see what we can work out.

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Why, thank you for asking!

I love crocheted sweaters and tops, all those things with a lacy flair in them... perhaps not the most suitable for a bear :lol

by the way, I didn't find where I could buy this soy yarn tafu is made of...

I browse the site though :(

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Hi Everyone,


I am just having fun with the Tofu bear. He has to decide between 2 samples which sweater he would like for me to make for him for the TNNA show that he is going to. Whichever one is picked, I will blog about the process of making the sweater for that sample. Tofu wants help picking the right one. If you would like to help Tofu pick out which sweater he will be wearing at TNNA and or which sweater will be blogged about please leave comments on his blog.


Go to http://www.soysilk.com/ then scroll down and click Tofu's Travels. There are 4 entries so far and you can scroll down and read all of them. He he blogging daily, except over the holiday.


As a disclaimer, I am not being paid for this, just having fun. I just thought people would enjoy seeing how a sweater is designed.


Thanks for your help.



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