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    Toulouse, France
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    papier maché, origami, sewing
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    tank tops
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    since I was 6 or 7
  1. it turned out great, very graceful, I love the effect of the larger hook! Good idea!
  2. It is very prety in pink, indeed!
  3. Great yarn choice! It gives a completely different allure!
  4. You did a very good job, congratulations on your first project!
  5. It's always very rewarding when a present is appreciated. You did a great job!
  6. For the 25 weeks to go, Lion Brand, in its newsletter, is going to showcase crochet stitches from the book Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume 4, by the editors of Vogue Knitting magazine. Here's the first one : I thought I would share so that you have time to subscribe http://www.lionbrand.com/content-catalogRequest.html
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