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  1. Just updating with the latest in case anyone was following this thread and wants to know. I placed an online order on Mon. Sept. 29. Paypal account was charged immediately. I emailed Td on Mon. Oct. 13 regarding the mailing date of the order. I followed up with a phone call on Tues. Oct. 14. The lady on the phone told me that my order probably went out 2-3 days earlier. I then received an email response which basically said the same thing. Here's the interesting part: I received the package Fri. Oct. 17 and the postmark is stamped Wed. Oct. 15.! So...Td actually mailed the package AFTER I emailed/called. AND it only took 2 days to arrive via First Class mail. ************************************ Carol, I don't have the baby robe set but it sure looks nice. I just purchased the toy patterns. I'm not sure what's going on with the company but it'll be awhile before I place another order again.
  2. Craw, I just now got off the phone with Td Creations. I'm on the West Coast (it's 12:23pm pst) and they are central time (I think). I noticed that you might be on the East Coast. Yes, that is the phone number that I used and at first it was busy so I emailed them. Then I re-tried calling and got through. I suppose it's a really "small business" so there is only one person handling everything. It would be nice if someone on Crochetville from that area would be able to verify it. Meaning if it's a "home business" or a "company" with staff. Not that it matters either way, it would just clarify things immensely to know who we are buying from. Well, at least for me. The woman on the phone said that my order from Sept. 29 "probably" went out in the last two days - via First Class Mail. That's all she could tell me.
  3. Very nice. I think you did a great job making him. It is very easily recognized as Bugs Bunny. I love it!
  4. Hhmm, I'm surprised that more of Td Creations' patterns are not posted on Ravelry. The company has been around for 29 years so it's odd that there are only 2 patterns posted. Which by the way are 2 of the ones that I listed. I have at least 15 to 20 more oldies (from the early years '80s) but I have to dig around for the35mm pics. Almost all of the projects have been given away so I don't have any recent digital photos.
  5. Yikes, thanks for letting us know what happened. I'll update if/when I get my Sept. 29 order. Hopefully, it'll come today. According to my account it states that it was processed Oct. 2 and will ship via First Class Mail USPS. But South Dakota is not that far away so it shouldn't take more than two weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed. On an unrelated note: I just got charged 10 times (EUR) on paypal by something/someone called Skype. I filed an unauthorized claim immediately but am upset that paypal security was breached somehow.
  6. I just saw this post and was wondering if you've received your order? Their site was up on Sept. 29 and I placed a small order however, I haven't received it yet. I love their patterns also. They have been known to take awhile to ship. I'm not sure why it takes them so long, it's frustrating and one of the reasons that I don't order from them very often. But coincidently, I recently received a postcard from them dated Oct. 6, 2008 advertising some of their patterns so I hope/think they are still in business. I just wish they would send my Sept. 29 order.
  7. It requires basic crochet skills involving increasing and decreasing of single crochet and changing colors. I'd think an advanced beginner should be able to make this easily.
  8. Thanks! You can find the pattern here. It's free! There is even a handy tutorial here.
  9. The Pastel Carousel baby afghan from the book 7 Day Afghans. I used Simply Soft and in colors suitable for either a boy or a girl. My new niece/nephew is due anyday now. Forget about it being July and around 85 degrees...I love these baby afghans!
  10. Guess it's my turn to show my Little Star Afghan. I've been saving this pattern for awhile and now my new niece/nephew is finally due. I used Beth's pattern. Tutorial is here.
  11. This is from a free pattern at Caron. I made it for my new niece/nephew who is due anyday now. Used Simply Soft and when the baby outgrows the cardigan it'll fit a 23" My Twinn doll nicely.
  12. luv2stitch


    From Garnstudio -- Drops 13-31. Their patterns are free! This one was so easy and fun.
  13. The nest instructions can be found here. The Gabu pattern is from Roxycraft. My son has it hanging on his bedroom door and changes the Gabu around to indicate - no trespassing, etc.
  14. luv2stitch


    Amigurumi Super Happy Crochet Cute - Elisabeth Doherty Didn't make any big changes to the pattern. I'm guessing it's supposed to be a humanoid bear doll. It's quirky, strange and I'm kind of growing to like it more. The added details that Elisabeth puts into her patterns are well worth learning.
  15. I like any reason to use up the fun fur stash. Thanks again for a great doll pattern set.
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