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Crochet Bikinis, Swimwear, Beachware...?


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I was going to ask this question, but maybe I will post it here, since I need to add some links.
Summer is coming, what do you think of crochet bikinis?
Are they any good for swimming or just for sunbathing?
I am liking some models on Crochet Bikini.

All models have pictures of girls at the beach, but would they be good for swimming?
Here is a picture of a model with "cups" (light blue), that's maybe good for swimming?

Or what about the deep blue crochet bikini?
It doesn't say anything about cups, how would it behave in water?
Any direct experience?





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I haven't looked at Bgs' link yet, but in ancient times, when I used to live in Hawaii , and was at the beach almost every weekend swimming and snorkeling (this was a tad before I learned to crochet), there were some fabric lined crocheted bikinis to be seen but pretty much for sunbathing only as far as I could tell.  This was also a tad before I was 'bikini age', but not by a lot.

Ok, I read Bgs' link - yeah, I was thinking that sagging & stretching-out were bound to ensue.

If I were going to crochet some beachwear, and, um, I was still my younger days, I'd crochet a cover-up (in thread, not yarn) that was maybe a little lacy and wear purchased swimwear that wouldn't be likely to fall off when I got out of the water.

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Crochet bikinis DO stretch when wet! When I was at the bikini age, I made one out of crochet thread size 10 and crocheted it very tight. It still didn't work out the way I expected. I wound up walking back to my car with a beach towel wrapped around me. They are cute for sunbathing on the beach though. I hand stitched and lined both pieces with bathing suit fabric and that was fine, but the crocheted pieces sagged untiI laundered and put in the dryer. I would think even as small (and cute) as the navy-blue bikini is in the photo, the beads and shells would weigh it down even more when wet. I say for show only. 

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Crochet bikinis are sexy. But if you do not line the bra and bottoms before going into the water the yarn will stretch out and the bikini will become deformed. So make sure to line the bikini with some sort of washable fabric preferably stretchy.

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