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Seeking Unfinished Granny Square Pattern



A friend of mine has a blanket started by her grandma who passed away. She’s looking for someone to help finish it. I’m willing to give it a try, but I don’t have the skill to look at a completed product and deduce the pattern. This is my first post to this group so if this question belongs elsewhere, let me know. Does anyone recognize the pattern? Thank you!

Edit: I’m not sure how much is left. I don’t actually have it in my possession yet, this is the photo I received. I did ask about the written pattern and no dice. Also no extra yarn so I may need to follow the recommendation to morph the squares into a border for a larger pattern, for color matching purposes. I did start with some search terms but thought I’d take a shot at seeing if it stood out to anyone before sifting through hundreds or thousands of images. Thank you! 🥰



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Here is a search for granny squares that involve flowers.  There are a LOT of patterns.

I blew up one motif in your friend's assembled blanket that IMO seemed a bit more clear in showing the construction than the one you were holding.  If you have the original, you can count stitches better than I can guess them by the photo, but this will hopefully get you most of the way there except for the stitch count.  I'm also assuming you have made a plain granny square before (basically, that just involves knowing that there are 4 sides, and 2 elements, straightaways and corners)

My guess: (US terms)

round 1 - 12 SC in white.

round 2 - 12 petals in a flower color; the petals look like 2 DC, possibly made as a cluster, in each SC with probably 1 chain between.  

Round 3 -in green, now this forms the leaves into a square.  The corners look like a 3DC cluster, chain 3, 3DC cluster.  Then chain 2 or 3, HDC(?) or maybe HDC cluster? between the next 2 petals, chain 2 or 3, HDC or HDC cluster between the next 2 petals, chain 2 or 3, then repeat this sequence for the next 3 sides.

Round 4, in white - corners are 3 DC, chain 2 (note follows), 3 DC, 3 DC in each ch space on the straight sides, repeat.  Note - if it wants to cup with only 2 chains in the corners, put 3 chains instead.

This is going to require some trial and error and ripping and re-doing, but I think what I described is fairly close to what was done in the below photo.

The way the assembled squares are butted together, it looks like they were sewn together using a mattress stitch - check the back side, the edges would look the same as the front.  (google mattress stich in crochet, it's sewing but easy), leave a long tail and sew as you go.



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Just made a sample based on last photo using worsted yarn. Is the yarn of blanket chunky/bulky thickness?  I started with a magic ring with 12 sc but didn’t close it. 2dctog petal each st with a ch tween each petal. Finished off. Green yarn start in first corner 3dctog, ch3, 3dctog. Ch2 ,(to tighten up u can ch 1) dc in chain between petals to next corner repeat around. Change to white. Center chain of corner.  Ch3, 2dc ch 2 3dc etc


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Maybe, Granny Square finds something similar.  Search terms that you can use to look at all the flowers out there.  My eyes are crossing. lol

Search engine:

crochet flower granny square afghan
crochet flower granny square 
crochet granny flower pattern
vintage, free ...our terms that can be included

I looked at Etsy, too.  How much is left to completing the afghan?  Maybe change it up with other squares that might blend in and a granny square edging.  (saw a colorful one with flower theme and then granny edging really gave it a much nicer finish)

Any chance grandma saved the pattern she was using?

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