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first time crocheting, don't understand instructions

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Hi All,

So I'm trying to make my first crocheting project and I can't figure out the instructions

In the first round of the bill of the pinguine: should I make 4 sc through the same chain? what about the next chains, should I also make sc in them or skip them and go straight to make 3 sc in the last chain?

I also don't understand the following rounds but I'm not even going to ask about those before completing the first one.

Will really appreciate if someone could help me with this

Thanks :)



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This is a different way of making an ami rather than making a traditional circle either by using a magic circle or by chaining two and putting all your first stiches into the first chain.

I have several ami patterns that use this alternate method.  This requires you to use both sides of your chain 6.

So you will chain 6

Starting from the second chain in the hook you will make a sc in the next 4 stiches.  My suggestion is to mark the first stitch with a piece of yarn or other removable marker.  You won't want a knitting marker that will be stitched in.  I use safety pins.

In the last stitch of the row you will make 3 sc.

Now you will be working on the other side of the chain this creates the "round" effect of your ami that is normally achieve by starting with a circle.

They want you to put make 3 sc on the opposite side of the starting chain and join with a slip stitch.  You will want to separate them out evenly along the other side of the starting chain.  You should count and make sure you created 10 sc.  The end of the nose facing us is what this is going to look like.


Round 2 just has you putting 1 sc in each stitch you created.  If you get to round 3 post and we can help you from there.

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