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  1. Hi, thanks for the help. I finished with the bill part and now trying to finish the eye patches. I did rows 1-3 with no problem, but now I'm having trouble understanding the instructions for row 4. How dows it come to 10 AS? btw AS means Afghan stitch. AS2tog means to deacrease one Afghan stitch and sc means single crochet
  2. Hi, I think I was able to finish the first two steps successfully. Could you please explain the third step?
  3. Hi All, So I'm trying to make my first crocheting project and I can't figure out the instructions In the first round of the bill of the pinguine: should I make 4 sc through the same chain? what about the next chains, should I also make sc in them or skip them and go straight to make 3 sc in the last chain? I also don't understand the following rounds but I'm not even going to ask about those before completing the first one. Will really appreciate if someone could help me with this Thanks