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Paper and Pen Case

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I just whipped this up as a test to see if it would work (if I could make it LOL) it was easy & quick...I used my leftover yarn scraps from the backpack I made for DD #2 and this will go into the backpack along with some other goodies for Xmas...But the best part is I can use up scraps..

I made some changes to make sure the pens would stay put & made sure to make the bottom pouch deeper and the top one shorter...

This will hold 3.5 x 5 pads of paper or index cards are they are cheap from the Dollar Store



20171006_Hot Pink and Black Mix.jpg

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So I  see about a few people from above getting ready to look in their stash of yarn and get one of these on their hooks LOL.. Iam shocked everyone liked it so well who would have thought? I was just using up leftover yarn and trying to find things to put into my DD #2 Back pack gift for Xmas LOL

Just a helpful tip I check that the bottom is tall enough to keep things in I made mine deeper...and make sure then top is shorter to keep the hooks or pens from fall out I did this too plus wider in size as well :O) :O)

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