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Santa Coat:) - bottle cover


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Hi everyone, all drinks on me! LOL. 


This idea came from picture: Annie's Holiday book with patterns. It was called: Christmas Wine Sack. I have that pattern but when I was ready to crochet that I realized it was done with Tunisian stitch-crochet. I did not had a Tunisian hook at that time. I got them 2 days before Christmas just because it was a great price LOL. Maybe for a different project.


I wanted to make that bottle cover, I like that picture and I wanted to make that very fast. I was running out of time. So I completely "redesign" that. I made that as one piece from bottom up with sc I even used hook size 6 to go fast. I was even planning on skipping crocheting that black belt separately. I was going to just change the color of that yarn to black and crochet 2 rows with that. That would worked, but I changed my mind:). That pattern from Annie's called for making rectangle piece & stich that in back. And the bottom was sopostu be crochet separate and than stitches together. That sounded to me like to much extra unnecessary work....

I did run in to a little problem. Did not had a little belt buckle and was NOT going drive from store to store looking for that...So I crocheted my own:). I just cut out a little "frame" out of plastic mash and crocheted over with gold metallic thread. I think it looks pretty good.. You do not even need a plastic mash, I think that "support frame" could be cut out from a milk container.

I made little openings between stitches under that "collar" and waved that white cord in (made by me:)). I did not like for that cord to be separated, each time someone would like to take that of the cord would be "falling" down. Anyway it gathers more evenly that way. Here are couple extra pictures to show you how I did that (how that looks under that white "collar"). 

Yes pom-poms were made by me but not on a fork this time LOL. I need them little bigger. I used a cereal box for that. Yes, all you need for any size pom-pom is a rectangle shape piece of cardboard with a little cut out opening in a middle. That opening is needed for a piece of yarn to tie that in a middle.


I do have a few "orders" for that wine bottle sack for next Christmas. I do not think that I will want to crochet that many:(


Happy New Year


PS: I will post more new pictures tomorrow. Girls, only couple more days and I will be "out" of my crochet stuff - Christmas 2015 pictures. You all probably saying: FINNALY!! LOL. 




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