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Ok I've never written a pattern out before, so I hope it is understandable. If anything is unlclear, just ask and I will try to explain it better.


Here is the pic of the HORNEYS (sorry for the name, but a caracter in a series I'm reading by Sherrilyn Kenyon, has a caracter who has horns, and I was thinking of her when I made them. I should mail a pair to Sherrily Kenyon.:devil


The horns in the photo are just slightly shorter than the ones in the pattern. I decided I liked them better longer.:goodorbad




and here is the pattern.


Red heart yarn.


Red for the horns,


And a 2nd color that will blend with your hair color.


Size G hook




***Note: in middle of round 3 you should turn the little cup you have made so that RS is facing you. It will be easier to do before right before you sl st to join.




Chain 2,


RND 1: 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook. Sl st to first sc. Ch 1. Do NOT turn.


RND 2-3: 1sc in next 6 sts. ***Sl st to first sc. (6sts) Ch1.


RND 4: 2sc in each sc around. Slp st to first sc. (12sts) ch1.


RND 5-7: 1 sc in each sc around. Slp st to first sc. (12sts) ch1.


RND 8: (2sc in next sc, 1sc in next sc) repeat around. Slp st to first sc. (18sts) ch1.


RND 9-12: 1 sc in each sc around. Slp st to first sc. (18sts) ch1.


RND 13: (2sc in next sc, 1sc in next 3 sc) 4xs. 2sc in next sc, 1 sc in last sc. Slp st to first sc. (23sts) ch 1.


RND 14: 1sc in each sc around. Slp st to first sc. (23sts) ch 1.


RND 15: (ch 3, sk next sc, sc in next 10 scs) repeat 1 more time. Join with sl st to first ch 1. Fasten off.

Pinch tips to slightly curve inward.


Make 2 horns.




Attach 2nd color yarn to first ch 3 space of a horn with a sl st.


ROW 1: ch 4,(counts as a tr) 3 more trs in same ch 4 space. Turn.


Row2-3: ch 4. 1 tr in each tr across. (4sts) turn.

After first side is done fasten off.


Repeat on second horn.


Do not fasten off after 2nd horn is done.


Put RS together, and sl st across, using only the middle 2 loops. (one from the back of one piece, and one loop from the front of the other piece.) Fasten off.


Horns should be curving slightly inward on both horns. Like this (____)



Attach 2nd color remaining ch 3 space on a horn, with a sl st.


ROW 1: ch 4 (counts as tr), 3 more tr in the same ch 3 sp. Turn.


ROW 2-9: ch 4, 1 tr st in each tr st. turn. (4sts)


Fasten off aften first side is done.


Repeat for second horn.


Do not fasten off on second horn.


Put RS together and sl st across using only the middle loops.


Fasten off.


To make hair band larger or smaller just put in an extra row or subtract a row. It won’t matter if the seam is not center because your hair will cover it.


ALL Done






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I've beenj wearing them to work with a long tail I crocheted up. And I swing my tail when I'm waiting for customers to come up to the counter. Boss cant complain, since when I wear them I get very entergetic, and clean a lot. Although she might not like that I say I have my Horneys on.

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So cute! I have a few really dumb questions, hope you don't mind. For some reason I assumed I was starting at the base and got completely confused. lol So am I right in thinking that this ends up with it open at the part that attaches to the band? I'm hoping to make your horns but attach them to a winter earwarmer type thing.


I'm confused about the need to turn it to the right side in the middle of row 3. Also, are you not turning at all, just slip stitching to the sc of the previous row and continuing along?


Love the way they look, just trying to nail down the pattern. I'm just getting used to following pattern and new to working in the round. :)

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Those are the cutest things and thanks for the pattern. Maybe by next year I will have some made for Halloween....aww who am I kidding if I make them I'll wear them for Valentines Day. Thanks for the pattern:eek

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the horns start at the tip of the horn. The only reason I turn the tube inside out at row 3 is it makes it easier to go around. I guess you dont have to, it just felt easier to work. I attach for the head band portion at the base, were the opening to the horn is big. They seemed to stand up well, So I didnt stuff them.


I made a tail also, wich was just a small triangle shape with a long version of stip like the head band.


Hope this helps and doesn't make it more confusing.

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