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  1. Wellllll I could sit and crochet for hours BUTTT I don't because I have back issues so if I don't make myself get up every 45 min I will pay dearly for it and then won't be able to crochet for a few days, which I do not like when that happens and of course no one in the house or near me likes that to happen either, hehehehehe
  2. crochetqueen

    Beading Question

    Yes you can, please see http://www.beadwrangler.com/samplers/sampler-current.htm. For me it is very very addicting.
  3. crochetqueen

    Designing Dog Sweaters for Certain Sizes

    WOW I like that dog sweater very nice, I found this http://www.doggystyledesigns.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=Size_Charts_all and it looks like just a general size chart.
  4. crochetqueen

    Crochet in twilight

    I am at the end of the 2nd book, New Moon and I'm going to see the movie tonight, I'm so excited and of course my lips are sealed I certainly don't want to ruin it for anyone. Now I am 49 years old and I really like the books, so maybe my mind is that of a teenager or I am just immature Also I do agree that really these books are not for a 12 year old, in my little immature mind, if I had a daughter I would not want to encourage romance just yet, again just my opinion.
  5. crochetqueen

    Crocheting for Historical Home

    WOW, I love your house that is very beautiful and I like the crochet also, you are one lucky lady.
  6. crochetqueen

    Turkish bead crochet in Step by Step beads

    It works up really fast, for me the hardest part is the stringing.
  7. crochetqueen

    For all of you blockers out there...

    You can also go to Home Depot or Lowes and they sell a type of foam board in large sheets, they are not that expensive, and use rust free pins and pin it out on the board. these are re usable. Now this may seem crazy but if you know someone with a trampoline they make great blocking boards, don't use pins and just keep the kids off until dry
  8. http://www.chiqmag.com/ I have been anxiously awaiting as it does look promising but I see it was suppose to publish on June 15 so has anyone heard if maybe a problem arose or anything at all ?? Thanks in advance for any information.
  9. crochetqueen

    I am so disappointed with inexpensive yarns!

    I have the same problem with Caron yarn in general. It pills quickly and doesn't wear well. I am thinking maybe I am just picking the bad lot because I talk to others who swear by Caron yarn and tell me it never pills ???
  10. WOWWIE ZOWWIE, well it's a good thing I can make my own because I certainly do not have that kind of money for a purse.
  11. Whoo HOO there is a really nice tutorial in the current issue of Step by Step Beads for Turkish loop bead crochet and it is worth taking a look at. The tutorial is much clearer than mine (I tried but this one is really good). Step By Step beads is http://www.stepbystepbeads.com/sbsbeads/ here so you can see the cover because it does not say it on the outside of it. Enjoy Eva
  12. crochetqueen

    Where do you get your wire for bead crochet ?

    Thanks Crochet Hooked And Scenna it's funny how you mentioned Firemountain as I just ordered a load....errr I mean a few things from them. They recently have available alot of goddess and other very nice charms so I of course could not let them get away, hahahahaha.
  13. crochetqueen

    Crochet Mystery Series

    WOW, I can't wait!!!! I have read several others that I really enjoyed (Monica Ferris) so now I have something to look forward to reading wise. I read alot more in the summer because we do have a pool and I don't allow anyone in unless I am outside so usually I get a book and my son and friends get in the pool.
  14. crochetqueen

    Where do you get your wire for bead crochet ?

    YAA HOO, Thanks MaryPat. I guess I will keep my husband around then, he found cheap wire (just kidding) I need to take some pictures, I allready made 3 necklaces with the 24 gauge.
  15. crochetqueen

    To Tie-Dye a finished crochet product...

    Now that is a good idea. Believe or not my 12 year old is the tie dye king, Honestly I have no idea how to do it and 2 years ago he did tie dye and entered it into the fair and won first place, little stinker, HA. I think I may do a hat and hand it over to him, thanks for the idea.