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Looking at up dating hooks..

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depends first on if you like a bates type hook or a boye type hook. I like the boye so like the soft touch hooks by clover and have just discovered the Crochet Dude hooks and I really have liked those too and they come in bigger sizes. The Clover hooks are easy to find up to a J, larger sizes have to be ordered off Amazon and they are not soft touch but called clover reflections. They are plastic but I like them a lot

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The difference between Bates and Boye is the shape of the head.


The best advice I can give you is to pick up several different hooks in your favorite size to work with. See if you like it. You really don't want to spend the money on an entire set if you don't like working with it. Just because you like the look of a certain hook doesn't mean that it'll fit your hand well or if you'll be able to comfortable use it.

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I have always used Bates and Boyle, but have started using wooden hooks more. i live Brittany brand bit my all time favorite are Furls hooks. They are handmade from exotic woods. A little costly but well worth it.

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Thanks Kathryn & Mary..

I have actually been looking at the soft touch hooks by clover.. (I like the coloured handles too) Mary what is the difference between Bates and boye??? And is a J a 6mm in Uk, i'm in Australia..


Soft Touch are the original Clover hooks - they have a amber/tanish color handle. The new, colored grip is the Amour line.

Note: the handles are NOT the same


Bates has what is called an inline head, rather blunt.

Boye heads are tapered, (my personal preference)

not to be confused with the *really* pointy stuff that comes out of a number of the Chinese makers.


Yes, US J is usually 6,00mm - You are wise to get this clarified because it can vary depending on when the hook was produced and by what manufacturer.


I always suggest people try a single hook before buying sets, sometimes the look is more inviting than the feel when in use and you don't want to spend good money on something you will not enjoy using.


You may also find this chart helpful since it cross reference US/UK/Japanese "designation" along with the often more diverse "Letter" names for hook sizes.



You may also find it helpful to contact Jenny King Designs. She does a lot of crochet design and so her shop could be a more local resource for you.


Enjoy The Making



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