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  1. Just got news from the hospital. Parts of California are again in shut down mode. The hospital is part of that. They aren't accepting drop off donations and there are too many afghans to mail down to them. I will roll this year's donations into next year. I assume that vaccinations aren't going to happen on a massive scale till sometime later summer 2021. If that's the case, this year's donations will wait till Christmas next year. If, by some miracle, the vaccine happens earlier than that, I'll try to make two drop offs next year.
  2. Every year, so many of you so generously help me to give back to the hospital that saved my son's life when he was born. I come to you, once again, asking for help. I collect afghans, hats etc. all year long and deliver once a year to Oakland Children's Hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you would like to help, the NICU can use any sized afghan. It cares for babies from extreme preemie (think chunky Barbie Doll size) to one year old babies. The smaller the baby, the liklihood of more monitors (so less holes is better for that size). If you feel moved to make something for an older child, the hospital cares for children up to 18 years old... so, truly anything you want to make will find a child that needs/loves it. I also have a facebook group for the collection. You can access it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/303209316470887/ Once again, thank you for thinking of the babies!
  3. I love the color combination! That's lovely and no reason to tone down the colors at all (cheerful is especially nice in a hospital). And, if you like making squares - then by all means do, but Round Ripples are one of my favorite things to make and donate!
  4. So far, no packages received, but it’s early still. I’ve gotten a few done, and will begin cranking more out now that my shoulder is less of an issue.
  5. To date, you all have helped me take 1,606 afghans to the NICU. Thank you!
  6. This is the 13th year that I come to you to ask for help. Every year, wonderful members have donated afghans and hats to my drive for Children's Hospital Oakland. My son was 3 days old when he was flown by helicopter to the hospital and stayed in the NICU for 10 days while the staff saved his life. I owe an emotional debt to the hospital that is impossible to repay. This drive, is my effort to pay forward some of the kindness we were shown during our time at the hospital. I'm asking for donations of afghans or hats of any size. The NICU cares for babies from micro-preemie to one-year old babies. Literally, any size afghan you feel compelled to make will find a baby that will love it. General rules of thumb: The smaller the baby - the more monitors and wires usually.. so it's better that those afghans have less holes. Easily washable yarns are best. If you feel compelled to make something for an older child, it will also find a home as the hospital cares for children up to 18. I take the donation to the hospital before Christmas and the first donations are handed out by Santa. The remainder are given out by the nurses and chaplain as needed. Some will be used to wrap a baby as they pass away in their parents arms. Some might be used to comfort a scared sibling. All will be loved.. and the parents of the children receiving your donation will never forget you. I also have a Facebook group for the drive that you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/303209316470887/
  7. These three blankets represent six that I did recently. Two in each pattern.
  8. I have heard back from the hospital and will be taking our donation tomorrow afternoon. Thank you all for your generous donation of your time and talent!
  9. Ok< I did something wrong and once I uploaded those pictures, I was unable to comment. The 2 circular afghans are from Cindy, The picture of the other 2 are from my friend, 23 afghans came out of a clown car that was sent to me by Pam, my daughter made 12 afghans, 1 scarf and 1 hat, and so far this year I've gotten 29 blankets done. Delivery date is not until after Thanksgiving (don't have the date yet that I will be going down) so there is still time to send me something if you'd like to donate.
  10. Those are beautiful! My contributions have suffered from my broken shoulder, but I’m hoping to get a few more done before delivery
  11. Taken me a while to post pics of donations. Busy few months mom bing my mom and now I’m nursing a broken shoulder. My daughter took these pictures for me. Thank you to Cindy for 4 Afghans, Donna for 21 hats and 2 blankets and cshort for 1 afghan.
  12. Cindy, I thought I messaged you to tell you the package arrived, but I can't find that message. So sorry - package came, thank you!
  13. This is the 12th year that I come to all of you for help. My son was a NICU baby and his life was saved by Oakland Children's Hospital (now a satellite campus for UCSF). He was flown to the hospital by helicopter when he was 3 days old and the staff spent the next 10 days figuring out how to help him. Nathan came home the day after Thanksgiving. When he first arrived in the hospital, we believed he would be there until after Christmas, and somehow that added to how painful the situation was. This drive, is my attempt to help the families who aren't as lucky as we were to have their baby home on Christmas. I'm asking for donations of afghans for the NICU babies. Some of those babies are ultra-preemies (think Barbie doll size) and some are up to a year old (so think a regular sized one-year old baby). Literally, any size afghan you make will have a baby that needs it and a family who will never forget your kindness for reminding them that they aren't alone at a time they feel most alone. If you'd like to make hats, those work too... if you'd like to make an item for a child older than 1 year, the hospital cares for children up to the age of 18. I make and collect items all year long and deliver before Christmas. Santa will pass out items on Christmas day, and anything left over is passed out by the nurses and chaplain as needed. If you feel compelled to make something for a preemie, please think lighter weight yarn and fewer holes (as monitor wires can get caught in the holes). To date, we have delivered 1525 afghans to the hospital. Thank you for thinking of helping these families. I truly appreciate it. I also have a Facebook page for the group that you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/303209316470887/ Donations so far this year: 81 blankets 1 scarf 67 hats
  14. I thought you would all want to know how appreciative the hospital was of the donation. I met the lady I see every year (child life coordinator), and she told me that a NICU nurse had been to her office earlier in the week asking, "Do you have any blankets?" (they were out) and she happily replied "I will on Friday!' It's so nice to know that we are helping with a true need the hospital has. Thank you again for your help. I'll be putting up the new post shortly.
  15. Our donation all ready for delivery. Mama and I both bought new mattress pads, comforters and sheets recently and the packages they come in are perfect for storing and taking our donation. If you find you have any that you have no use for, I'd love it if you could send them my way!
  16. Here are the last items I"m adding to our donation. 6 scarves and 3 hats from my daughter 3 afghans and 5 hats from Pam 2 afghans from Shawn 32 hats from my Mama I"m taking everything on Friday - God bless all of you for your donations. I"ve posted the updated total on the first post - but we are bringing 97 afghans, 40 hat and 6 scarves
  17. I have a date for delivery. I'll be taking the donation on December 15th, so there is still time to send me something if you'd like to.
  18. I received a box from Shawn on Tuesday. I'm sorry I didn't post earlier - Northern California is in the midst of tremendous fires and I have evacuated family at my house. For some reason I'm unable to logon to the Ville from my home computer right now. Just want you to know the box arrived safely- when I know it wont' be smoky any longer, I'll open it and get a picture up.
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