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  1. If you have an old pair of tennis shoes/sneakers you can cut off most of the top (leave enough to use to stitch top to sole) and then use any number of methods to attach the crochet sock/slipper to the sole. Possible more than you want to spend, but I have always glued in a Dr School type shoe line to give a smooth base. But I tend to make things to last so don't mind spending a little extra. Long ago I did a pair that attached the crochet slipper using a hand picked zipper. This allowed me to remove the sock portion for washing Another time I modified a pair of sandles by attach
  2. You might find the suggestions made in this discussion helpful http://www.crochetville.com/community/topic/146700-have-a-little-extra-something-at-every-color-changehelp-plz/
  3. Obviously you should certainly set aside that project, BUT more importantly if you are having an allergic reaction of any kind for any reason - you should be contacting the health care professional who prescribed it.
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