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    Have been crocheting for as long as I can remember and LOVE it. Really enjoy using thread . Have been a nurse for over 20 years and have twin sons.
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    Love to crochet, especially with thread, and also sew,make jewelry and cross stitch
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    love to do doilies
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    since 1975
  1. Hello from Bluefield,WV. Have you tired looking on YouTube for a tutorial on that stitch. I use YouTube frequently for things like that.
  2. Welcome from West Virginia..... I have a son in the Air Force stationed in Spangdalham. Pictures he sends home are beautiful..... look so much like here....
  3. Love..love...love my Furls hooks. Wonderful to work with and pretty too. They have been a great company to order from.
  4. I have always used Bates and Boyle, but have started using wooden hooks more. i live Brittany brand bit my all time favorite are Furls hooks. They are handmade from exotic woods. A little costly but well worth it.
  5. I love Furls hooks...kinda expensive but wonderful and beautiful.
  6. Welcome from southern West Virginia...
  7. Having a knee replacement this week so I decided to organize my stash so that I could see what I've got. Have some projects planned for my weeks of recovery time.
  8. Absolutely love this hook... it's a G hook and would LOVE to have a few more....
  9. Well.. I sold some items last week and I treated myself to one of the hooks from Furls. Can't wait to get it and will be sure to let you know what I think about it.
  10. Wondering if anyone has or has used a hook from Furl's Luxury Hooks..???? Found them on line and they are beautiful but expensive. Was thinking one might make a good Chrisstmas gift for myself...
  11. That is beautiful.... Where did you find the pattern or is it one of your own..???
  12. When i was looking for a case for my hooks at Joann's I saw the rolling cases from DMC for embroidery floss and thought that would work great. I labeled each section with the hook size, I have one for my alum. hooks and one for my steel hooks.
  13. Love doing these crocodile stitch purses... made a hat to go with this one....
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