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Needing testers for 4-12" squares FOUND


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I have the following squares that need tested.


Square 1: uses Front post double crochet, H hook and WW yarn.


Square 2: Uses Front Post Triple Crochet sts, H hook and WW yarn.


Square 3: Uses Double Crochet stitches. H hook and WW yarn


Square 4: Uses Front post double crochet sts, H hook and ww yarn.


I would like any mistakes found, as well as a finished pictured. Time is not strict, but would like to hear back from testers by Wednesday.


PM me your email or you can email me directly at Bluedragonflymom@gmail.com IF there is a particular st up there you do not want to work, please specify square # you don't want to test. They are all easy though.

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