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    love to crochet and work with wood
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    crocheting, wood working, gardening
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    anythind to do with crocheting, wood, gardening
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  1. congratulations Owlvamp. wecome to the bag lady club.
  2. congrads snowbear. welcome to the bag lady club. hope you are feeling better
  3. congrads. welcome to the bag lady club
  4. congrats Belinda. welcome to the bag lady club
  5. congrds. pink glitter. welcome to the bag lady club.
  6. just wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  7. Congratulations Katie bug. welcome to the bag lady club
  8. got mine today. cant wait to start using it.
  9. beautiful bag as always mary joe.
  10. cant wait. empress busy bee
  11. hope you feel better soon. have a happy thanksgiving. please don't worry about sending the hooks, just get better ok
  12. cant wait. been wanting these for a long time, since I saw them. ty ratdog and every one.
  13. could you include me also. their so neat looking. ty
  14. congrads cindy, welcome to the bag lady club
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