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    love to crochet and work with wood
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    crocheting, wood working, gardening
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    anythind to do with crocheting, wood, gardening
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  1. I love this one. as another great pattern daski
  2. sorry to see you go. I have enjoyed making your patterns. lots of love from me to you. you will be missed very much.
  3. i just love your patterns. thank you for shareing.
  4. ooooooooooooooh that is soooo pretty. love the colors.
  5. I love your patterns. you are so talent. I tried to write a pattern, didn't work. enjoy your retiring. will miss your patterns. thank for sharing all your patterns. love nana.(debi)
  6. maybe iam to late to test for you. i would like to give it a try. ladylightbuld@hotmail.com the hat is soooooooo cute to.
  7. oooooooooooooooooooooh darksie, i just love all your patterns. ive made several all ready. thank you so much for all your patterns. nana
  8. oooooooooooooooh darski those are soooo pretty.:manyheart:manyheart
  9. i love it. i have the same mixer, my momma gave to me. how did you mesureit. thanks nana
  10. my late grandma, she taught me belive it or not to crochet a sach for my closet. she could also just look at a pattern and beable to make the same one. miss her a lot. nana
  11. love the pattern. thank you for sharing the pattern
  12. nana

    floppy friend monkey

    thanks for the nice replys.
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