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  1. I use Homespun for the basket weave stitch.
  2. I have finished my 10 human snuggies. I am now going to make one for my 14 year old dog. Has anyone tried the pattern from RH?
  3. RH has a new snuggle up book,I can't believe I just did 10 of the same thing. I would have loved the new book were there are different patterns including a round snuggie
  4. What a great idea starting at the top and working down. I am going to have to try that on the next one I do.
  5. I am staring #10 this morning. I keep saying someone is going to end up with a sleeveless one. I whip thru the blanket part and have issues with the sleeves. hopefully my neices and nephews will love them.
  6. I am starting my 9th snuggie and am using Homespun. I might just want to keep this one it is so soft. I am hoping to have #'s 9 & 10 finished by Black Friday. Then they can all get put in the mail. I will have so much free time I won't know what to do with it all
  7. Yes work side, back, side then the joining row. I say it this way because I'm left handed and always work the opposite direction from all you righties
  8. I'm starting #8 this morning It is going to be blue, orange and white the Chicago Bears colors.
  9. I have completed 6 of the 10 I have to do. I have made the child size for the5-8 year olds and the adult size for the 10-13 year old. I have to make one for a 3 year old and am going to use the child size and drop thee hook to an H or I. I am using the RH pattern because the arms get worked right in. I have tried 1 of each size on I am about 5'6" and the child size goes down to mid calf and the adult size hangs on the floor.
  10. I have completed 6 of theses, all have different color combo in them. I also have used different yarn SS included these aren't as heavvy but feel much better. I don' like RH even after washing it is pretty scratchy to me. Counting gets old really fast so i count every time I make a color change, this is still better then ripping. i have 4 more to finish befrore the holiday.
  11. I have 4 complete, 1 needs a sleeve and 1 is 2/3 done. I have worked all of them in a combination of yarns.( I have made a big dent in my stash this way) Depending on the yarn they are a bit heavy.
  12. I have used all types of yarn and I would suggest using the L hook. If you do not have one I'd go up a size.
  13. Thanks for the measurements. I'm using the Redheart pattern with an L hook. I think if I go down to a J hook the size will be fine. I don't want her to grow out of it to quickly.
  14. I've just completed #5 and am on row 40 for the 6th one. I got a phone call from an out of state friend that wants 2 for her grand children, one of them is only three. Would you make the child size with baby weight or ww with a smaller hook? Any suggestions?
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