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    Wife to the love of my life, and mom to 3 great kids, ages 17, 14, & 11. My Granny (great-grandmother) taught me to crochet when I was about 8 years old. Now, it is a hobby that I love & think of her often. I am privileged to be able to pass on my love for crocheting to at least one of my daughters. I'm still hoping my other daughter (& even my son) will one day be interested in learning the art of crocheting!
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    Decatur, TN
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    cooking, crocheting, reading, gardening, raising chickens, & camping.
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    I am a homemaker & homeschooling mom.
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    Afghans, Hats, & Dishcloths
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    Since about 1984.

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  1. I love that pattern! I made one using fall colors that my son has claimed for himself! I have a hard time getting to see it let alone use it. I love Smoothfox's patterns. She's a very talented & creative lady!
  2. I and left-handed, but about the only things I do left-handed are sew, eat, and write. Everything else is right-handed, including crocheting.
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