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    I'm a life long crafter, I am best when my hands were full of yarn. :)
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    Austin, TX
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    wedding ring afghan, whatever I'm currently working on.
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  1. I have not revised this pattern nor have the time to write out complete notes for others to make this. The two links in Granny Square's post above are very simple recreations of the Double Wedding Ring quilt, but not like this one.
  2. I have always liked the stitch pattern called “Catherine’s Wheel” and have wanted to use it in some fashion. When the idea of having some little girl dresses made for the yarn crawl, this idea came back to my mind. Design created for SSK @ Your 787 LYS. Mother’s Day 2013 The pattern can be found in my Ravelry store, Carrie Au's Ravelry Designs
  3. I am looking for some pattern testers. I have a Little Girl's dress (size 2T) that needs to be tested. It uses fingering/sock weight yarn. I have classified it as an intermediate pattern. I need 2 people who can get this done in a week. Anyone interested? :-)
  4. Great Job!! Your Kitty certainly approves... lol :cat:yarn
  5. Thanks Deb! I had a lot of fun and agravation with this one The small flowers were the starting point. Their original pattern would have been with the flower on a solid never ending granny type square with a rectangle in the same never ending granny as the center, surrounded by more rows of double crochet. Nice pattern for a baby blanket but boring and I didn't want to make a baby blanket. So I kept the flowers and went off on my own . The small flowers are your standard 6 petal flower (2 rows) with 1 row of green, then solid Dc of cream. (that was all of the mystery CAL that I used) Because I wanted to have a more open look to match the Center Rose I did: Dc 1, ch 1, sk 1 with the corners (Dc 2, ch 1, dc 2). Then because the flower squares didn't measure enough to go around the edge of the Center Rose I added 4" filler between them. Oh I forgot I put small arrows on the last 2 rows of the squares and the diamond in the filler space because I didn't want it to be just plain. Then I realized I would not have enough cream yarn to complete the center extentions and joining. So I went on a hunt for a pink to match the pink in the flowers. 4 stores later I found a match in Red Heart Soft. I'm not sure how to write out the instructions for the small squares and filler bits, well actually the filler bits really are the fiddly parts.. lol. That and the extentions to the Center Rose were the crazy parts but then if I hadn't been working from the outside in to the Rose it would have been easier but then what fun would that have been...
  6. I haven't been on much but in looking back over the posts I see some of you all have been very busy... lol All the afghans look beautiful! I did finish up the Rose Fillet afghan for my Facebook group you can see it on my blog here. Thanks for looking... got to get back to the taxes :cat:yarn
  7. CONGRATULATIONS LINDA !!! Hope you husbands surgery goes well. :cat:yarn
  8. Totally missed this post until today Can't wait to see who gets this pretty tote! Thank you Tampa Doll for making such beautiful totes! :cat:yarn
  9. All of the new completed afghans are beautiful! Sherry - I am not a fan of RR's but yours is really pretty! Sabina - I've been thinking of making a magic ball... how long did you make your bits of each color? :cat:yarn
  10. Great progress!! Here are the pictures of my Lacy Stripe afghan... finally got them loaded on the computer... lol. :cat:yarn
  11. Very nice!! I just finished my Lacy Stripe afghan too, will post pictures soon. :cat:yarn
  12. I know it is so much fun and hilarious to. My camera is old and feezes a lot so I get caught with a few funny faces. Thank you :cat:yarn
  13. I have to do some boasting here My DD just finished her first ever afghan completely by herself!! I taught her how to crochet back when she was around 8 or 10 but she wasn't really into it. She wanted to get back into it last summer so I sent her some yarn. She picked out the pattern and we would sit over Skype and crochet together. DD now lives in Florida and I am in Texas. :cat:yarn
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