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  1. One more snowman item, this helps keep your hands cool when taking stuff out of your microwave. Snowball Microwave mitts
  2. Another Snowman I designed, he will hold your towels for you. Snowman Towel Holder
  3. This cute snowman makes a great dishcloth. If you like thick dishcloths, his middle will make you happy. LOL Snowman Dishcloth
  4. I recently posted my winter designs. This Snowman hot pad is thick enough to keep your counters safe from your hot pans. Snowman Hot Pad
  5. I would love to test this for you? First off is it done in WW yarn? if so I have plenty on hand. will PM you
  6. Below is my latest dishcloth, just in time for Easter. Easter Duckie Dishcloth
  7. Below is my latest pattern. Easter Duckie Hot pad
  8. I have posted 5 Shamrock patterns to my blog. I hope you find one you like. http://myblueangels.blogspot.com/
  9. I just made two of these potholders. I will actually use them for hot pads to place my hot pans/plates on. I used Red Heart WW yarn since I could not find any cotton yarn in these colors in my local craft stores. They measure about 8" across with an H hook for me.
  10. Oh wow thank you so much ladies, I will be looking at both sites.
  11. My son is wanting an afghan with his high school name and swim team, anyone know of a program that would help with this, or someone who makes graphs?
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