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A new batch


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Got a bunch of Jimbo hooks up for sale in my blog if you've an interest.

Some big

Some small

Some light

Some fall

(I know that last doesn't mean anything but hay, it rhymes)


I know, I know.... Gotta have a little "discussion" with my ad agency.


Oh, and I have 6 sets of the Boye Interchangeable Hook Heads (threadies from #1 - 14) on order and they'll arrive soon... so I'll be able to take orders for Jimbo handled Threadie interchangeable sets.


Come visit my blog. See the latest from the Front Porch.




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Hi Jimbo! It's good to see you're still whittling and/or some beautiful hooks! I've just dug out my "H" hook I bought from you a few years ago now and I'll be using it to hook my first project in a while. I'm going to have to keep my eye on you and your gorgeous hooks! Might have to add another one or two to my stash.


Keep up the wonderful hook turning!

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Jimbo, your hooks are incredible. and I can only dream of getting a Jimbo interchangeable hook set!!

But the best part of your most recent post was the picture at the top! The misty morning. Oh how I miss living in/near the mountains. Thank you for sharing such a fantastic photo off your front porch. :manyheart It's beautiful

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