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  1. beautiful work!!! would love to have a link to this pattern when it is released
  2. beautiful and great work!!
  3. Thanks for all your help I really apriciate it!! Hugs, Colleen
  4. Hi All fellow Ohioans .... I am in Sandusky been absent for a long time on the boards but am slowly getting back to it ... would be nice to meet up with some that are close to me Hugs, Colleen
  5. Hi everyone .... I am looking for an afghan pattern, preferably free, that is easy, warm and cozy, but yet elegant (if possible) for a cousion of mine .... any and all help is greatly apriciated Hugs, Colleen
  6. are these still avalible?? if they are I am interested but will have to wait until the end of the week until payday.
  7. I have several LYS shops within about 60 miles and I was just in the one and I felt very welcomed and I did spend about $35 and I plan on going back when I can .... I also buy yarn at JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, Pat Catans, Meijers, and Walmart ... the LYS did not have many crochet hooks and a ton of knitting needles but I did not find that offensive just a fact of life .... I have also bought yarn online and will again as I will from every place I find my yarn goodies lol
  8. Hi and welcome from another Ohioian from the Sandusky area or other wise known and Cedar Point lol
  9. I have a G hook that is actually 4.25 mm when all my other ones are 4mm ... You can fin the 7 4.5mm hooks .. I had one but it got miss placed/stolen which makes me upset but I will get another one soon.
  10. That is truly a shame all around .... it is like when I tell people that I crochet they call it knit .. that drives me crazy and no matter how I explain they still inist that I am knitting lol
  11. I use mainly my wood hooks, clover soft touch, and my fav are the tulip etimo hooks ... just what I like to use and my grip is rather loose when holding my hook also.
  12. I am slowly working on this between all my other projects ... I am almost finished with my 4th pattern repeat and if I would pay more attention and not try to work on this when I am overly tired I wouldn't have to frog back for stupid mistakes but that is life lol When I am a bit further along I will take another pic and share
  13. Try checking both annies attic and leasure arts ... I think one of them has a booklet/book with pillow patterns ... it is worth checking our .... also check out Ravelry and try going to the different yarn makers (ie red heart, caron) and see what they have byt searching the patterns there. Hope this helps
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