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  1. Thank you Vanessa!!! I loved everything, the case is beautiful... the hooks are yummy to hold and, let's face it, love! The soap smells fab! The clover stitch markers are so nice, thank you, thank you!!
  2. Vanessa, I got my package today. Thank you. I've not opened it. I was going to get yours out tomorrow, as I had one more little thing to finish up one thing. Well... my fuzzy beloved, pain in my bum, cat, Hamlet decided to play with one your items. LoL!! I found it soaking in his water dish. It's not something I can throw in the dryer, so it'll either be tomorrow night or Wednesday. Crazy critters! Apparently he had fun, so if you're not careful your fuzzy cat critters may find it and have fun playing!!! Cindy
  3. I love the layout and only have 2 of my green (would be flower) 6th clue. I know I have more than enough yarn to switch my B and D colors. I guess I'll be doing the 4th clue over again too. LoL!!! Oh, well, I love the flowers. This was the one out of the ideas that came out last week that I fell in love with. I decided to use this one if I didn't like the official layout. I guess I can always use the 2 clue 6 octagons and 12 clue 4 squares in pillows.... hmmm...
  4. Amibel, I'm plotting, I'm scheming, I'm planning to have some fun!!!
  5. Size 10 thread and a 7 hook are a fab combination. Just about any doily pattern can be used. If it suggests a different size thread, it just means you'll need more thread. There should be some patterns on http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com.
  6. Orange or tangerine only in the juice glass. I'm a cool shades gal.
  7. If I can get my cat off my lap, I will work on the last 2 of clue 5 and try a clue 6. Don't give up ladies!! You can do it!
  8. Cebelia is my ultimate favorite, it has a lovely drape and beautiful sheen!!!! It also doesn't tend to split as easily as some brands.
  9. I have 2 more of Clue 5, but I'm still ready for tomorrow's clue! It's just so exciting to see what we get to crochet next.
  10. So did you felt the afghan? I have a really old afghan that has seemed to "felt" up quite a bit. Love it!
  11. I used the same hook as I did for clue 1 and got the same size square. I am not a super fan of popcorn, however, I think it will be a nice compliment to the open lacy feel. Especially with this being the blocks of only Contrast D. Or what I would presume would be the only squares of D. I was actually thinking rounds 1 and 2 are fairly cool curled and would be a neat body scrubby. LoL!
  12. Such pretty colors, every one is doing great!!
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