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    Jim Price
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    I'm a gnarly old hook maker from the sticks. See that avitar? That's me carrying Diplohookticus Jimbosei, the world's biggest crochet hook. I make smaller hooks too.
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    Spokane in the "other" Washington
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    Making crochet hooks is my most favorite thing to do.
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    retired patent agent
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    chains.... cause that's about all I CAN crochet
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    If you call it crochet, since about 2002

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  1. Thanks Kathy! Ah chatoyance, so pretty, so difficult to photograph.
  2. Just started a new auction on some really unique crochet hooks. One is made of the oldest workable wood in the world, certified to be more than 35,000 years old. Imagine, this hook was hiding in the trunk or limb of a tree that was alive and well thousands of years before even I was born! Way before ancient Rome, way before Jesus' birth, way before the pyramids were a twinkle in King Tut's eye. Even before the first recorded cave paintings! And it's found it's way from a bog in New Zealand to Jimbo's porch to become a crochet hook. AND a Magical hook, made from a Hazelnut bush that
  3. There was a fairly recent review of several crochet hook styles by a group organized by French crochet Designer Sylvie Damie (http://chezplum.com/) that included a Jimbo hook. I was very pleased by the results received from Sylvie and as a result, was inspired to develop a hook that is more directed to those who use the underhand or "pencil" grip. Here's a link to the review http://chezplum.com/blog/2016/06/08/crochet-hook-review-3-furls-odyssey-and-candy-shop-jimbos-front-porch-hook/ Sylvie is a very talented designer AND lives in the south of France in the Alps!! Holey cow would I love
  4. Oh I like that one! I'd like to see a forest of those. If I could crochet, I'd make one. As it stands, mine would get a third place award for the runner-up to the also-ran in the honorable-mention category of the Charley Brown look-alike tree version.
  5. Great answers! I'm thinking there's something a bit more primal there too, at least there is for me and hook making. Changing a stick into a tool is a pretty primal thing and gratifying on that level. So you're changing a gob of wool into a useful yet beautiful thing... kind of like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. I really admire crocheters their ability to do that.
  6. Posted this question over in Ravelry and there are some interesting responses, so I thought why not here, in the very heart of crochet. Think about it. Why do you crochet? What drives you to crochet? Now, mind you, I'm FAR from trying to talk you out of crocheting. I personally feel that crochet HAS to be one of the best things in the world to do, because, well, crochet either produces the nicest people in the world, OR the nicest people in the world crochet. That's one hugely important thing that keeps me making hooks... the world's most supportive and friendly folks (who crochet) are my cu
  7. Just can't let this thread show up and not comment on what an AMAZINGLY warm and good lookin and SO comfortable is this gift to crochetiers from RoseRed. Every old fogey should have one in his cabin-in-the-woods. They might even work on young fogeys! Regardless, life is good with a RoseRed Lumberjack Flannelghan! Sleep under one and you'll wake up invigorated and ready to split a cord of fahrwood! They make you better lookin! Your friends will envy you! I think they have supernatural powers.... Don't you??
  8. Yes with a belated photo extravaganza of the Jimbo Family Christmas up on the Ranch!
  9. Yessss!! I just posted about an effort by a good friend, to establish May 2 - 8 as Random Acts of Kindness week! Take a look at the post, and if you've an interest in spreading kindness, maybe consider posting about the Week in YOUR blog too!! Thanks! Jimbo
  10. Kristie!! I Love that: " .. and yet another year is slowly pulling on it's boots and looking towards the door... " Very poetic! Mind if I borrow it?
  11. YES! I just posted a homework assignment ... and it's about something I've been thinking on for some time now and want to see if you, Dear Reader, think anything similar.
  12. YES! I posted about International Crochet Day and started a contest for a custom hook to promote the event. Drop by and enter if you'd like.
  13. OH YESSSSS!! Two days in a row!! And there are three more hooks up for SALE (not for auction).. its a new experiment for me, selling hooks outright. One has sold already, so we'll see how it goes. Wonder if anyone else sells on their blog?? Jimbo
  14. um... well yesterday I finally posted. After about a month I finally put some hooks up for bids. Still need to update some of the ongoing front porch stuff though. Drop on by, take a look, kick your shoes off, but bring some sun screen... its hot on the porch these days.
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