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    Jim Price
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    I'm a gnarly old hook maker from the sticks. See that avitar? That's me carrying Diplohookticus Jimbosei, the world's biggest crochet hook. I make smaller hooks too.
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    Spokane in the "other" Washington
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    Making crochet hooks is my most favorite thing to do.
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    retired patent agent
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    chains.... cause that's about all I CAN crochet
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    If you call it crochet, since about 2002

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  1. There was a fairly recent review of several crochet hook styles by a group organized by French crochet Designer Sylvie Damie (http://chezplum.com/) that included a Jimbo hook. I was very pleased by the results received from Sylvie and as a result, was inspired to develop a hook that is more directed to those who use the underhand or "pencil" grip. Here's a link to the review http://chezplum.com/blog/2016/06/08/crochet-hook-review-3-furls-odyssey-and-candy-shop-jimbos-front-porch-hook/ Sylvie is a very talented designer AND lives in the south of France in the Alps!! Holey cow would I love to visit there! Anyways, the very first new style hook is up for sale in my blog and shown in the photo below, 3rd from the left. Note it's a basic Jimbo hook but without the flared foot. Much better balance for underhand crocheters. In my opinion, it's just not as purty as the ones with the flared foot, but could well be more ergonomic, especially for overhanders. I'm considering adding this style or maybe even converting because it's also well suited to underhand (toothbrush grip) users. I was sure to make the hook long enough so the heel extends a little beyond the side of the hand. Please tell if you've a notion, your opinion....Should this style become a staple in the vast (heh) Jimbo Hook product line?? Thanks!! Jimbo
  2. These things look so much softer than the sticks Karol gives me. heh Twiddle Sticks get it? heheh
  3. Ok, another April 1 under the ever so lengthening Jimbo belt. Best to start thinking of something new and revolutionary for next year, eh? Actually this one came as close to being an actual revolutionary new hook shape as any. Too bad it didn't crochet so well. Ah well, as Patty Page used to say... Kay Sara Sara. Heh fooled you again.... that was Doris Day, not Patty Page. Oh well. It'll come. Stick with me kids. one of these days it's gonna be move over Bates and Boye. heh I better hurry up though. Seems that I'm getting older in my slow age.
  4. Aw contrair, you made MY day! Thanks! And that's zactly what I thought... why can't we have all round hooks?? So I tried it. Spose the big hook manufacturers are shaking in their boots? heh
  5. Aw thanks! That particular piece of wood just begged to be a artsy looking hook. Now the April 1 hook... you know what? I almost decided to start making that hook shape because it actually worked for my daughter in law who tests my crazy ideas from time to time. I'd made a smaller version (the one in my blog's a P) and she liked it. But it definitely takes some getting used to.
  6. The amazing Jimbo has done it again! A totally new concept in Hook Design, so revolutionary, the major hook manufacturers are thinking of converting to kni##ing n##dles or early retirement. Come visit my blog (click below) and see the newest development in hooks since Bates and Boye.
  7. Is that one of those light up rings that you squish and it blinks? Great idea.. as well as the beads, button and FF. Good job!! You're going to make someone happy with that.
  8. A worthy topic for a PHD thesis, twiddleworthy, texture or silky. Might break down gender lines eh?
  9. Aside from being a fantastic idea and a very kindhearted thing to do, it'd be a great way to depleat an overstocked yarn stash. One of the things that struck me; it reminded me of my middle son when he was 2 or so, used to grab his blanket with "pickers" (short tabs of yarn) that he would twiddle with while nodding off to sleep. Maybe we gradually revert to our baby years as we grow older. I know I've a habit picking up and rubbing a smooth rock and that's probably why I make my hooks fondleable. But back to the Twiddle worthy items, aside from the crocheted bobbles etc, I'd vote for really smooth buttons and beads. At least that's what I'll want on MY Twiddle mit.
  10. This is such a fantastic idea and such an great thing for crochetiers to do. Totally reinforces my opinion that crochet begets kindness. Darski, I just wish I could punch that "like" button a couple million times more!
  11. Howdie from Northwest US, and welcome!
  12. Wow!! Can I be your grandson?
  13. Hi Mary from Spokane WA. Welcome!
  14. Hmmmmm I usually recommend a K. My reasoning is that larger hooks make larger loops that are easier to see both by the student and teacher. Not spoken from vast experience, but from my own meager attempts at crochet and watching my grandaughter learn.
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